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Is the quartz countertop good? How to choose the quartz countertop

by:KingKonree     2021-04-11

   We all know that there are more materials for countertops in the market. For example, the quartz countertop is one of the more popular products, so in general, is the quartz countertop good? What are the quartz countertop brands? It's better, and how to buy quartz stone countertops, let's introduce you to the relevant situation of quartz stone countertops, I hope it will be helpful to everyone.

  How to choose quartz countertops

  Quartz countertops are good

  Abrasion-resistant and scratch-resistant< /p>

   Quartz has a Mohs hardness of 7.5 degrees (3 degrees for marble, 6.5 degrees for granite), which can prevent iron scratches to a certain extent.

   is not easy to permeate, and has strong resistance to non-permeability

   has a dense and non-porous surface with a water absorption rate of only 0.02%. Generally, coffee, oil, sauce and other acid-base substances cannot penetrate.

  Non-radiation and non-toxic

  Quartz is a crystalline mineral of natural stone. It is one of the inorganic materials. In the production process, it is purified to basically eliminate harmful substances, and the surface is dense and non-porous. Makes bacteria nowhere to hide, so it is safe and non-toxic.

  Quartz stone countertop brand recommendation


   was a very influential brand in the artificial stone industry in 1998. A key high-tech enterprise, Zhuhai Polystone Building Material Technology Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Fasten Hongsheng Group.


  Guangdong province famous trademark, Guangdong province famous brand, national high-tech enterprise, one of the most core competitiveness enterprises in Guangdong province, Guangzhou Gelandi fashion household products Company limited by shares.

  BITTO must map

  Top ten quartz stone brands, the world's high-end countertop model, a professional manufacturer of artificial stone solid surface materials with long experience, Bitto Industrial (Dongguan) Co., Ltd.

How to choose    quartz stone countertops

  1, luminosity

   For the cabinet quartz stone countertops that are often used in the kitchen, the surface The finish is very important. When purchasing, you can use a colored pen to scratch the surface, if it can be easily wiped off, it will not absorb the color.

  2, Hardness and Density

   When purchasing, you can also use a steel key to scratch the surface forcefully. If there are no scratches, it means that the quality of the product is satisfactory. In addition, the high-density quartz stone slab is heavier.

  3. Color and pores

   The color of quartz stone cabinets is directly linked to its beauty. Only products with balanced color particles will have better quality.

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