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Is the smart toilet easy to use? What are the ways to buy?

by:KingKonree     2021-09-11
Is the smart toilet easy to use? What are the ways to buy? In the era of increasingly technological development, a dazzling array of smart products have occupied most of the home market, and smart toilets have gradually entered most Chinese households, becoming a new trend in pursuit of quality of life. Compared with ordinary toilets, smart toilets do bring more comfortable experience, but if you actually buy and use them, do you still have a lot of concerns? How to buy smart toilets? Let’s analyze together today Bar. 1. Smart toilet vs. ordinary toilet. Common toilets have the characteristics of ordinary toilets, and smart toilets can have them. Compared with ordinary toilets, smart toilets have more and more humane functions, and for ordinary users, it is more convenient and comfortable to use. Not to mention that for some special groups of people, such as the elderly and people with limited mobility, smart toilets can bring them greater convenience. 01. Performance comparison Ordinary toilet: Ordinary toilets only have a simple flushing function and cannot completely remove bacteria on the toilet seat. There are often dander, hair and pollutants invisible to the naked eye on the inner wall and seat of the toilet. Intelligent toilet: In addition to the sewage function of the traditional toilet, the intelligent toilet also has the functions of seat heating, buttocks washing, automatic deodorization, warm air drying, etc., and is equipped with a special remote control device. 02. Environmental protection compared with ordinary toilets: using ordinary toilets requires 8-12 liters of water each time, plus the toilet paper needed after going to the toilet. It is not an environmentally friendly choice. Smart toilet: The smart toilet only consumes less than 6 liters of water for each flush, and it is automatically cleaned and dried after the toilet. No paper towels are required to wipe, which is more water-saving and environmentally friendly. 03. Safety comparison with ordinary toilets: Although ordinary toilets have few functions, they are safe and generally have no safety hazards. Toilets produced by regular manufacturers are basically of quality assurance. Smart toilet: Although the smart toilet has a variety of functions such as seat heating, automatic toilet flushing, etc., these are all built on the basis of electrification. If it is not used for a long time but has been energized, there is a possibility of leakage, short circuit, etc. Therefore, you must choose carefully and try to use products with complete certification. In addition, the smart toilet also has the following functions: the washing function will clean after going to the toilet, which has a good effect of eliminating viruses and bacteria, and a variety of washing modes can effectively remove dirt; there is also a massage function, a unique warm water and Warm air cleaning and drying can stimulate capillaries and promote blood circulation. Long-term use can also prevent constipation, hemorrhoids and other diseases. Second, the five key points of purchasing a smart toilet. Many people don't know which aspects to consider when choosing a smart toilet. In fact, it mainly depends on the following five aspects: 01. Look at the drainage capacity, and choose the siphon drainage capacity can be said to be a hard indicator of the toilet! The toilet drainage methods on the market are mainly divided into two types: direct flush and siphon. Directly smashed down with water requires a large water tank to take up space, which is prone to splashing and loud noise. The siphon type relies on the combination of water pressure difference and impulse to discharge sewage, which is fast and accurate, and has low noise. 02. Pay attention to product materials and choose antibacterial glazes. In recent years, domestic and foreign countries have developed a variety of clean glazes, such as super Smoothing glaze, nano composite glaze, water-enhancing film technology, titanium dioxide coating, etc. For example, Kohler's Zhijie glaze, Jiumu's Shujie glaze and self-cleaning glaze all belong to the category of ultra-smooth glaze. Compared with the traditional glaze, the clean glaze has fewer surface defects, high brightness, and is not easy to hold dirt. Many major manufacturers and first-line brands also add silver ions to the super smooth glaze to make the toilet have independent antibacterial and antibacterial effects. Many diseases such as hepatitis, intestinal infectious diseases, and dysentery are spread through feces. We not only need to wash our hands before meals and after going to the toilet, but also try our best to choose products with antibacterial and antibacterial effects to prevent bacterial damage. 03. The heating option is the instant heating type. If you want to choose the washing function in the smart toilet, you must first warm the water. The mainstream heating methods include instant heat and heat storage. Buy the hot version! The heat storage type has a heating tube in the toilet tank, which consumes power for 24 hours and generates heat. Since it is not running water, if things go on like this, bacteria will breed and the water ditch will be settled, making the toilet more dirty as it is used. The instant heat type uses flowing water, which is ready to use when heated, saving power and worry, and greatly reducing the growth of bacteria. 04. Pay attention to comfort, and whether the toilet is comfortable to use in accordance with the ergonomics is also an important consideration for purchasing products. Whether it is comfortable or not depends mainly on whether the product design conforms to ergonomics, such as whether the toilet seat fits comfortably when sitting. When shopping, you can try it on the spot. 05. High safety standards and good after-sales service. As a complex smart furniture, the safety of smart toilets cannot be ignored. When choosing a smart toilet, the first thing you need to confirm is whether it meets the usage standards, whether it has power-off protection and automatic power-off functions. The smart toilet is a technological product and it is very troublesome to repair. Be sure to ask the warranty period and detailed terms when you buy it. It is best to choose branded products that provide one-stop installation and after-sales service. The smart toilet is the advancement of technology and the innovation of technology. Only when you have experienced it yourself can you understand that the toilet can be so advanced and comfortable. (
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