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Is the thicker the tempered glass in the shower room, the better? Neither nor nor

by:KingKonree     2021-08-31
Is the thicker the tempered glass in the shower room, the better? Is it true that the thicker the tempered glass in the shower room, the better? In fact, this is not the case. Regarding the glass in the shower room, the thicknesses of 6mm, 8mm, and 10mm are the most common. These three thickness specifications are also used in the tempered glass of the gold medal bathroom. Moreover, the thickness of the glass is also related to the shape of the shower room. For example, the curved type has modeling requirements for glass, generally 6mm is appropriate, too thick is not suitable for modeling, and the stability is not as good as 6mm thick. Similarly, if you choose a straight shower room, you can choose 8mm or 10mm specifications. But it needs to be reminded that as the thickness of the glass increases, the overall weight also increases, which places higher requirements on the quality of related hardware. Too thick glass is heavier, and the performance reference number and design requirements for the load-bearing and movable parts of pulleys, door clips, etc. are much higher. Many small shower room manufacturers like to advocate how thick and thick their own glass is, but they lack the overall design and design of the system. Production capacity, hardware accessories can not keep up, but reduce the overall service life of the shower room. In addition to paying attention to the thickness, when choosing a shower room, don't ignore the national 3C certification and brand logo on the glass. 3C certification is a kind of safety certification, a national mandatory certification to protect consumers. If there is no 3C certification mark at the time of purchase, you need to be cautious. Most of these glasses are semi-tempered or hot-bent glass. The purchase of this product is undoubtedly a 'time bomb' placed in the bathroom. In general, you must look for big brands when buying a shower room. The golden sanitary ware is made of high-quality float glass, which has passed the national 3C certification standard. It is equipped with a splash-proof safety film and has a higher glass safety index. At the same time, the glass surface of the gold medal bathroom shower room adopts easy-to-clean antibacterial technology, so that dirt is not easy to adhere to the glass surface, reducing dirt residue and bacterial growth!
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