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issfa training receives universal endorsement.

by:KingKonree     2020-01-27
International Association of Solid Surface Manufacturers.
It was announced that its overall manufacturing training for solid surface manufacturers has become an industry standard.
ISSFA says all major solid surface manufacturers have officially endorsed its four technologies. -day, hands-
The control module is part of its manufacturer certification plan.
\"This is a big step forward for ISSFA,\" said Robert Toxley, executive director of ISSFA.
\"Previously, all solid surface manufacturers had never joined forces to support a single industry training course.
\"ISSFA\'s solid surface manufacturing plan includes product knowledge, workshop safety, basic productivity concepts, material handling, template making, and high efficiency. -
Strength seams, bonding systems, stress risers, thermoforming, inserts, rear baffle manufacturing, installation and inspection.
For more information on overall manufacturing training, please visit www. issfa. orq.
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