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It is official: after this year's Fuori Salone

by:KingKonree     2020-09-14

The space 'bathroom' has gained a new light and has been elected as the place preferred by the people that live in the house, who can profit of super technological bathtubs and showers with sauna to get rid of the stress accumulated during the day and to treat themselves to some physical and psychological wellness.

The kind of bathroom furniture that any design company suggests to its customers is characterized by the taste for simplicity and design, which on the other hand don't overlook the functionality and the ergonomic feature. The bathroom space, in new constructions, has always bigger measurements and consequently it gains the interest of interior designers and architects, which transform it in the fulcrum of the life in the house.

Furniture and design indeed are mixed together in order to create clear lines, simple and defined shapes, which help the eye and the soul to relax and to dedicate some time to ourselves; despite the fact that spaces are increasing, the economy and the multi- functionality of bathroom objects are the main features of the bathroom modern design: the bathroom furniture indeed loses any superfluous detail, ornament or object, in order not to steal the show to the real design work of art.

Bathtubs are often equipped with hydro massage system and sometimes even with color therapy, in the external part-right in the silhouette of the bathtub itself- they sometimes have some shelves and drawers, where you can put everything you need for your relax in your bathroom; as an alternative to these minimal bathtubs, you can opt for another product- as fashionable as the first one- which is the 'retro' bathtub which has regular and linear shapes, but is enriched with vintage details which recall the old clothes washtub.

The main colors in the bathroom are snow-white white or its grey color gradations, while the most shocking accessories are black or red, green or purple; total white look is not aseptic or foregone as white is dimmed by the contraposition among different elements.

The bathroom designers propose some washbasins which are ascribable in two different strands, one more minimalistic and linear and the other one more ethnic and Oriental: from the washbasins encompassed in the furniture, with no gap between the respective structures, to the bowl-shaped ones which stick out partially or entirely from the surface of the furniture, while the materials used are both classic and innovative, like marble, stone, cement and wood.

Fuori Salone this year has considered also the actual socio-economic situation, which invites the most modern designers to create bath solutions which are created - not without irony- with salvaged objects like old food trolleys, cups and dressers, as a demonstration that the beauty can be hidden under 'poor' materials.

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