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It's summer time once again. Perhaps, you're already

by:KingKonree     2020-07-11
Eh? What's that? Tub refinishing means bringing back the glaze of the tub, as in restoring its original surface. It has been quite around some time now and starts to penetrate the market. Some of the entrepreneurs there in the Queen City, Charlotte, might want to join on this boom. Its hit can be attributed to its cheap price when compared to replacing everything inside the bathroom. Finally, you can have the luxury of a brand-new bathtub without having to spend much. Important Notes In the process of refinishing the tub, you should not remove it from its site. Rather, the service crew member shall go into your home and do the job there. Keep also in mind that when you want an exact quality of shimmer, it requires someone who learned this skill. It is because the coating used for this tub refinishing is not an ordinary spray paint but a concoction of a special coating exclusively designed for a bath tub. However, you can do this tub refinishing in these steps if you insist on doing it on your own. You will need: Tape Paper Chemical cleaners Primer Spray gun Caulk Sandpaper Mask Use the chemical cleaners to sanitize the whole area of the bathtub. Eliminate the rusted areas. If there are any damages, repair them at once and let them dry. Rub the sandpaper to remove the old paint and gloss of the tub. Clean the surface again and let it dry. Place the tape on the fixtures like the drain and the faucet. Ventilation is needed, so make sure you have an adequate amount of it. Wear your mask. Starting from the drain, spray now the bonding agent. Do this step in a back-and-forth motion. Wait for five to ten minutes until it dries. After this, apply the primer then wait again for 30 minutes for it to dry. Now, apply the refinishing paint using short back-and-forth strokes again and light coats. Wait for five minutes before applying another coating. This is for the polishing look. Once the paint has dried, remove the paper and the tape. Wait for 2 to 3 days for it to harden and then put the new caulk. Too Tired? Summer's hot, isn't it? You just want to wait for a couple of days and not to work for it. Even so, you still want a new glimmer on that tub, isn't it? Well then, why not contact your reliable tub refinishing company there in Charlotte. It would be so much easy compared on doing it all alone. Summer, after all, is all about fun, isn't it? GlazePro, established in 2007 and owned by Chris and Aimee Gunn is a full service surface restoration company. We are an independently, family owned and operated establishment with no affiliations to any franchise. While mostly repairing surfaces in new construction such as fiberglass and acrylic bathtubs and refinishing cast iron bathtubs, we decided to leave the new construction phase and concentrate solely on the remodeling phase of home improvement. Bathtub refinishing, bathtub resurfacing, countertop refinishing, resurfacing, refinishing, fixture installation, ceramic tile, bathtubs, UV Coating and more.
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