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It's very common for a shower tray to become damaged

by:KingKonree     2020-09-06

So what is the next step if an accident causes detectable damage to your shower tray? Attempting the shower tray repair yourself is probably the most cost-effective option, but can result in a knock-on effect of problems. An alternative to repairing the damage yourself is seeking the assistance of a qualified professional, which can be done at a reasonable price. The option of a shower tray repair specialist will guarantee that the job is done to a high standard without the associated risk of any complications.

You may enquire as to whether your home insurance policy includes shower tray repair. Often you'll find that the policy doesn't cover you for accidental damage, and if you are covered, you have to take into account the fact that you may well lose any no-claims bonus you may have accumulated, and will most probably be facing increased premiums in the future.

Taking this into consideration DIY shower tray repair might be even more appealing.

But unfortunately, yet understandably, many home insurance policies don't cover you for damage done while attempting DIY. This could put you in an extremely costly situation in the event you attempt to repair your shower tray yourself to avoid claiming on insurance, as any further damage that occurs would either have to be fixed by a professional (obviously at a dearer cost than it would have initially), or else you would have to endeavour to fix the mess yourself (which is quite likely to result in further, and extremely expensive problems).

You might try to disregard the problem by leaving the shower tray as it is, but this again might have greater consequences. A small crack could potentially cause a hidden leak which could easily expand to devastating proportions before you notice. So what can you do, when you are in need of shower tray repair?

Additionally there is the possibility of replacing the shower tray. However, this is often a fairly hefty job that usually requires all the surrounding tiles to be replaced. The job of replacing a shower tray should also be left for the professionals if you are not experienced in DIY. When you are considering an insurance claim it would be a better use of your insurance policy to claim for a new shower tray instead of the repair, particularly if the damage warrants it.

So, when deciding whether it's worth claiming on your insurance for a broken shower tray, your first step is usually to evaluate the costs involved. Obtain a few quotes for the work from a shower tray repair specialist. Once this has been established you can make a knowledgeable decision as to the best approach for shower tray repair.

Before disregarding these tips and endeavoring to repair the shower tray yourself, bear in mind the cost of calling out a professional is usually very affordable, and unquestionably worth not risking the succession of problems a poor DIY job can bring.

This article was written by R. Deans on behalf of Hometech-UK Ltd, experts in shower tray repair and other home repairs. For more information on shower tray repair please visit hometech-uk-ltd.co.uk.

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