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january deals - much more than just white sales

by:KingKonree     2020-10-18
The busy holiday shopping season is over and you make a lot of money
Should take a break
But don\'t give up shopping now. -
Some of the best deals of the year were in January, as American online consumer consultant Regina Lewis demonstrated on the special new year\'s edition of The Morning Show on Saturday morning: winter clothes such as coats, sweaters, gloves, scarves, etc.
: After a few months of bad weather, then Christmas, most of them collapsed and bought that warm coat.
If you don\'t, it\'s good for you: there should be a lot of sales.
Just don\'t expect the widest selection of styles and sizes.
Trump re-election rally Exclusive: Brad Pascal interview the death toll in the dominican Republic of Shanahan may be cold outside, but you can make the interior warm and comfortable-
Save money in the process-
In January, it was \"white sales\" by the shopping department store \".
It\'s time to restock your linen closet.
The tradition of white sales this month began in 1878, when Philadelphia\'s John Wanamaker discounted all white linens at his department store.
Today, white sales in January include not only colorful sheets, towels and blankets, but also bedding, pillows, bathroom accessories, etc.
Sears told us that the original price of bedding, bathroom and window supplies was reduced by 70%.
With the Consumer Electronics Show coming soon, new models of electronics will begin to appear in the hands of retailers.
This means that you can expect a great discount on last year\'s very good items, including items like digital cameras.
For example, a discount of up to 30% is sought at Sears department store.
Toy Holiday Toys always have a lot of growth, and after Christmas, retailers are eager to clean up excess items and usually have a lot of discounts.
A lot of toys are not sold out during November and December, so you may not be able to find all the hottest things, but now is a great time, you can buy half of the toy sales deals on websites like Amazon. com.
Consider buying some extra toys in the closet for final use
Birthday invitation.
Wrapping paper, greeting cards, decoration is the time to store wrapping paper, greeting cards and holiday decorations.
Get what you need next year as prices drop up to 70%.
Discounted gift cards are the most wanted gift for the holidays ---
According to the National Retail Federation, 57% of the people requested.
But every year, people receive gift cards from merchants they don\'t want to shop.
Many people turn to the Internet to sell their merchant gift cards at a discount to websites like Plastic Jungle. com.
The site turned around to resell gift cards at a discounted price.
Consumers can have the opportunity to buy gift cards from more than 400 retailers at an average 10% discount, sometimes up to 30%.
Many consumers use Plastic Jungle to \"superimpose discounts\" to get better deals by combining their purchased discounted gift cards with merchant coupon codes, sales or promotions.
In this way, their savings can be multiplied. WalletPop.
If Com buys anything in January, it has wisdom.
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