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Jinan booth decoration

by:KingKonree     2021-04-12

  What is the function of a booth decoration design? It mainly depends on whether it can attract the attention of the audience, especially the professional audience. An excellent exhibition hall design should have a strong visual attraction, so that the audience will be interested in the booth and directly deepen the audience's recognition and recall of the participating company. As a result, they will have an affinity for the booth, and they will naturally enter the booth to watch, inquire, and trade. In this process, no matter whether you reach an agreement or achieve economic benefits in the end, how much do you know about the precautions for booth decoration? Now we will introduce you to the relevant knowledge of Jinan booth decoration, hope it will be helpful to you.

  Jinan booth decoration

   To put it simply, the display design is a design that cooperates with the performance. The display design must first understand the displayed objects when designing Or after the concept, find out the theme to be expressed, and then render and interpret this theme with a display device to complete the design. Matters needing attention in booth decoration Whether the designed display device itself is wonderful is not the key point, but whether the displayed object or concept is wonderful after the display device and display device are completed is the key point.

   The basic appearance of the booth is the skeleton address of the entire booth, and it is the main factor in the design of a booth. The impact on the effect of hyperopia is particularly important. According to the survey, the first image of the visitors to the exhibitor is always derived from the appearance of the booth design at a far distance. This image may last for a long time and directly affect the emotions and actions of the visitors towards the exhibitor. Affect the role of exhibitors.

   At present, in some booth designs, especially large-scale booth designs, designers take some of the company’s symbolic graphics as basic exterior elements, and generalize, summarize, and three-dimensionalize them. Disposal, and then constitute a design function that is different from other booths, thoroughly expressing the company's own characteristics. This kind of treatment not only made the visual effect outstanding, attracted the attention of the audience, but also helped the audience deepen the memory of the company. Some of the company’s symbolic graphics are the main body of the entire symbol. Some are graphic symbols chosen by companies and businesses to facilitate the transmission of information. The company’s spiritual appearance and professional characteristics are fully expressed through the clear meaning and simple appearance of the symbol image, which is convenient for related matters.者identified. Of course, company symbols are different, some are more suitable, and some are not suitable as design elements. But at least some of the elements in it can be taken out and dealt with, to reach or at all reach the company symbol to promote the company's intention. In particular, the symbols of some construction and machinery companies mostly use thick or thin 'lines' as their basic constituent elements, while elements such as lines are relatively suitable and easy to summarize and dispose of in three dimensions. Mastered.

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