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Kangna Sanitary Ware: What are the advantages of squatting pans? How to choose a squatting toilet?

by:KingKonree     2021-09-22
Kangna Sanitary Ware: What are the advantages of squatting pans? How to choose a squatting toilet? Toilet decoration should be regarded as one of the more troublesome projects of interior decoration. The decoration needs to be extra careful. Once there is a mistake, it will cause a lot of inconvenience to the later use. As an important item in the bathroom, we must buy it carefully. Let's come together Take a look at the key points of buying a toilet squatting pan. Squatting toilet refers to a toilet that is characterized by the squatting style of the human body when in use. The squatting pan is divided into unobstructed and obstructed; the structure of the squatting pan has a water return curve and no water return curve. The working principle of the trap is to use a horizontal 'S'-shaped elbow to create a 'water seal' to prevent the odor of the sewer from flowing back. What are the advantages of the squatting toilet compared to the toilet? 1. Its advantage is that there is no need for direct contact, there is a certain distance, and bacteria can basically be eliminated. (No) 2. From a physiological point of view, squatting and defecation are healthier and smoother (this is true) 3. Avoid cross-infection with family members with skin diseases, or avoid indirect contact with the next person who uses the bathroom Contact (this is more important in public places) 4. Save space, after all, it is only under the foot, and there is no ground part. 5. The price is cheap, much cheaper than the toilet. How to choose a squatting toilet? 1. If the squatting toilet is for family use, be sure to choose one with an inverted water curve, which is to prevent odor through a certain amount of water. In addition, there are two types of squatting pans: covered and uncovered. A covered squatting pan will protrude. Personal advice is not good. 2. The other thing is to consider whether to add a water tank or connect the tap water pipe directly. Personally, it does not matter if the tap water pressure in your community is high enough, but if the pressure is low, it is best to have a small water tank. , The flushing water under the water tank forms an instantaneously larger high-pressure water flow, which can be flushed more cleanly (you must have experienced the experience that the poop is particularly sticky, how can it be unclean). So when buying, don't ignore these small details. 3. According to the pit distance. The distance between the pits is the distance between the center of the drain pipe and the back wall, and the size of the decoration tiles must be set aside, about 600cm away from the finished wall. 4. Squat pits are available with and without water bends. Squatting pits with reversal bends can prevent odors, but the height is relatively large, and steps need to be made; without reversing bends, it is not easy to block and easy to odor. When choosing, see if the drainage pipe is designed with a water bend. If the drainage pipe is equipped with a water bend, just choose a straight flush. 5. Squatting pits are classified according to the way of drainage. There are often drains before the water is discharged and drains before the water is discharged. Choose according to pipe design and usage habits. 6. The squat pit styles have various appearances, including square, oval, and special-shaped. There are those with baffles in the front, and those without baffles, as well as those with anti-skid measures. 7. The pit flushing method is different. There are pedals, manual ones, water tank ones, and sensor ones. 8. Choose high-temperature glazed surface, high density, low water absorption, and easy to clean. After decades of use, it will not turn yellow or change color, and will not absorb the smell. The flushing effect is good and the water injection is silent. (
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