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KingKonree Bathtub Expert Wang Libin: Embedded Bathtub installation method Artificial Stone Bathtub

by:KingKonree     2018-10-01

Bathtub expert Wang Libin/wen

I believe many people are very confused, how to install the embedded bathtub, often customers buy back the bathtub, do not know how to install, not the drainage block, the installation method is wrong, the bathtub is not the right place, it will not take long to be bad It is. The result is not worth the loss

How should the embedded bathtub be installed?

1. First of all, we have to prepare some cement and stone powder in order to force the bottom of the bathtub through the filler to the ground.

2, the cement and stone powder, according to the ratio of 1:4, blended cement and stone powder, dry humidity to catch the hands can form a group, throwing the ground will spread.

3. Put the well-prepared stone powder into the pool according to the expected height. The bathtub is lifted into the pool, pressed on the stone powder, and twisted left and right. The vibration is pressed down, and the hanging edge of the bathtub is parallel with the marble table. 1~2 mm (must not exceed 2 mm), that is, stop.

4, lift out the bathtub, find out the location of the water, remove the excess stone powder, wait 12 hours, the stone powder solidifies, put the bathtub back to the original position, insert the water pipe, test whether the water is smooth.

5. After confirming that the drainage is smooth, put the glass glue on the position of one or two millimeters around the bathtub, you can use it.

Bathtub expert Wang Libin

In the installation process, we must pay attention to the following points:

A. The lower water pipe is preferably slightly inverted S-shaped in the production and installation, which can effectively prevent the back odor.

B. Installation on the wall is the most common installation method for the embedded bathtub, which not only can effectively use the space, but also facilitate the installation of water and electricity.

C. Note that the embedded bathtub overflow pipe and the drain pipe joint must be tightly connected, and the sewage inspection port should be left when the tile is attached.

In the future, the embedded bathtub is repaired in the future. In order to make the surface look good, glue can be applied to the inspection port by glue, or the blinds can be blocked.

D. What materials are used on the table, you can use the same type of wall tiles, mosaic, solid surface, marble, stainless steel, etc., depending on the style you like.

E. The glass on the wall of the embedded bathtub is contacted with glass glue, which can effectively prevent the bottom from being wet and can effectively extend the service life of the bathtub.

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