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KingKonree Man Made Stone Basin How to choose artificial stone bathtub Artificial stone bathtub to buy skills _ check it

by:KingKonree     2018-09-21

Bathtubs come in a variety of materials, artificial stone bathtub is one of them, how to choose artificial stone bathtub? Let's take a look at the solid surface bathtub shopping skills.

How to choose solid surface bathtub

1, calculate the area

Bathtubs of the same size are different in depth, width, length and contour. If you like the water depth, the overflow outlet should be higher. If it is too low, once the water level exceeds this level, the water will flow out from the overflow. The depth of the bathtub is difficult to reach the required depth. There is an old man or disabled in the house. People, it is best to choose a lower position, you can also put handrails in place.

If you want to buy a skirt, usually a single skirt, pay attention to the direction of the skirt. According to the position of the drain and the wall, determine whether to choose the left skirt or the right skirt to avoid installation.

2, choose the style

The styles of modern bathtubs are mainly independent and footed and inlaid on the ground. The former is suitable for housing in a large area of ​​bathroom space, preferably placed in the middle of the entire space; the latter is suitable for placement in a bathroom of average size, and if possible, it is best to place it in the window.

3. Choose a brand

Consumers can choose a good brand based on their budget. A good brand is not only guaranteed in terms of quality, but also in terms of delivery, installation and after-sales. In view of the fact that the bathtub is also a big one, it is quite troublesome to change it. In order to save the effort, it is recommended to choose a brand bathtub.

How to choose artificial stone bathtub

4, fixed function

If the budget is loose, consider the jacuzzi. The Jacuzzi massages muscles, soothes pain and activates joints. There are three kinds of jacuzzi: vortex type, which makes the water of the bath rotate; bubble type, pumping air into the water; combined type, combining the above two characteristics. However, be careful to select the model that meets the safety standards, and also ask the professional to install it. It is best to 'test the water' at the time of purchase, listen to the sound, try the temperature; buy a jacuzzi with a skirt, if the motor has problems, easy to disassemble and repair.

5, see the water capacity

Generally, the full water capacity is around 230-320L. There is no shoulder in the water when entering the bath. The bathtub is too small, people are uncomfortable in it, and when they are too big, there is a feeling of floating instability. The height of the water outlet determines the height of the water capacity. If the length of the bathroom is insufficient, a bathtub with a large width or a deep depth should be selected to ensure that the bathtub has sufficient water.

The above describes how to choose the artificial stone bathtub, let's take a look at the artificial stone bathtub.

Introduction to artificial stone bathtub

Because of its many advantages, the artificial stone bathtub is the latest bathtub that has abandoned the various shortages of acrylic bathtubs, ceramic cylinders and cast iron cylinders. It is the representative of the trend and high quality. Because of its high requirements on the level of technology, there are not many manufacturers that can produce artificial stone bathtubs in large quantities in China.

bathtub features

The product has simple appearance, elegant appearance, high surface smoothness, small heat transfer coefficient, good thermal insulation performance, high strength and toughness, good resistance to pressure, abrasion resistance, mildew and antibacterial, high temperature resistance, easy to stain, easy to clean and not aging. Easy to repair, the weight is only 65% ​​of the ordinary artificial stone bathtub.

The wall thickness of artificial stone bathtub is generally around 2.5CM, and the place with curvature is about 2MM thin.

Advantages and disadvantages of artificial stone bathtub

As for the advantages and disadvantages of the artificial stone bathtub, in fact, as a representative of the trend and high quality, it has emerged a variety of deficiencies in the acrylic bathtub, ceramic bathtub and Zhu Tiegang, because it combines the advantages of the above bathtubs. In addition, its shape is very beautiful and can give people a different experience. However, this bathtub also has certain shortcomings, and the technical level of its death is relatively high. At present, the domestic production level has not reached the point of mass production.

The above is about the selection of artificial stone bathtub and the full content of artificial stone bathtub shopping skills, I hope to help everyone.

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