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KingKonree Solid Surface Basin Eight advantages of artificial stone plates

by:KingKonree     2018-09-26

China Plate Trading Network News:

plates are used more and more in people's lives, and they are favored by everyone. Today, Xiaobian will talk to you about the reasons why artificial stone plates are liked by everyone.

1, natural luxury, noble and elegant

The artificial stone plate truly reproduces the natural noble quality of natural stone, and cooperates with a wide range of special-shaped products to create a decorative environment comparable to natural stone. The combination of nature and luxury, noble and elegant, highlights the unique taste of artificial stone. Stone, door line, column, handrail and other special-shaped products can meet the designer's design requirements infinitely, suitable for the personality and common needs of designers and owners.

2, health and environmental protection

The raw materials are natural crushed stone and resin. The production process is free of high temperature heating. In response to the national resource saving, energy saving and emission reduction policies, the manufacturing process is implemented according to national standards. The artificial stone is strictly screened on the material selection, and the radiation elements contained in the stone are almost completely removed. The granite products are in full compliance with the requirements of Class A decorative materials of GB6566-2001 standard for radiation civil health protection standards for building materials, and are environmentally friendly and healthy new-generation building decoration materials. The general radiation amount of stone is between 0.01-0.02Si, the radiation amount of ceramic tile is 0.2-0.3Si, and the radiation amount of wood is between 0.45-0.60Si. The comparison of this set of data is more likely to indicate the prejudice about the radiation of stone.

3, color difference controllable

Production controllable: raw materials, production process control final product layout effect, that is, color and texture stability; expected works and decorative finished products consistency; decorative finished product consistency; decorative works repeatability.

4, easy to process, super plastic

The artificial stone plate has super plasticity. When it is made of embossed, cylindrical and other special-shaped products, it will not cause breakage, chipping and other phenomena, and achieve perfect decorative effect. Mainly because of the addition of resin to the artificial stone, the plasticity is greatly enhanced.

5, anti-slip, anti-slip, safe to use

The artificial stone plate is vacuum pressed, the density is high, there is no pore between the minerals, the ultra-low water absorption rate, the external pollution source is difficult to penetrate, and the protective treatment of the production process can achieve long-lasting antifouling. At the same time, because the surface of the solid surface plate has ultra-fine marks, it has both anti-slip properties. In the process of using stone, the most important thing is the anti-fouling and abrasion resistance. At present, there are mainly two kinds of stone treatments in the market. One is to add stone repair powder on the surface of the stone, to polish, and the crystal surface to protect the stroke; the second is to add in the process of polishing and polishing the stone. Stone repair fluid. The cost difference between the two processes is large, and the later effects are also quite different. Repair liquid and repair powder, the price difference of single flat rice can reach 8-10 times, the cost of using repair liquid is higher, and the effect is better.

6, high strength and super tough, durable

Compared with natural stone, solid surface plate has extremely high flexural and compressive strength and has excellent toughness. Therefore, it can maintain safety and is difficult to break whether it is processed or used.

7, rich in color, complete set

Compared with natural stone, artificial stone plate greatly exerts people's subjective initiative, and can freely imitate or even design products and shapes to create unlimited.

8, price concessions

Natural stone belongs to limited resources, artificial excavation, processing to finished products, high cost and large loss. Therefore, the price on the market is relatively expensive. However, Xiao Bian is generous to introduce a good plate trading website - China Plate Trading Network (http://bancai.99114.com). Affordable, quality assurance, first class service, what are you waiting for?

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