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KingKonree The small apartment is cleverly decorated in black and white, so luxuriously decorated! Solid Surface Freestanding Tu

by:KingKonree     2018-09-20

Today, Xiaoli recommends a small apartment apartment design, which is dominated by black and white ash. The space is simple and elegant, and the beauty and comfort are not lost.

The duplex apartment has two floors, usually the first floor as the activity area and the second floor as the rest area.

The black wall is matched with the top storage. The simplicity is not simple. The open partition is made of black wood, which echoes the black background wall. The door panel adopts a glossy door panel, which is easy to handle and beautiful.

The sink is equipped with a careful machine, the glass door of the hanging cabinet door is used, and the mirror of the makeup is arranged at the same time. The beige solid surface countertop naturally transitions to the white cabinet. In order to distinguish it from other spaces, the wall of the sink is made of smoke gray wall. brick.

The space between the TV cabinet and the wall is just to put down the refrigerator. If the pursuit of perfection is perfect, it is recommended to make a built-in cabinet and put the refrigerator in the cabinet to look better.

Between the kitchen and the living room is a bar, a stainless steel bar, and a bar stool at the bottom, which is under the light and elegant.

The glass is cut off between the dining room and the living room. A two-seat sofa with soft carpets and a simple black coffee table for a lazy rest area. The floor-to-ceiling windows in the bedroom open the curtains, and the natural light source is introduced into the room to illuminate the living room.

The bedroom has a full wall to the top of the overall wardrobe, white bright door with black handles, there are grades. The wardrobe takes up most of the storage functions in the bedroom, white sheets and grey quilts, clean and fresh.

As night falls, the curtains are opened, which is a separate private space.

According to the kitchen space, the U-shaped cabinet is designed with a white smooth door panel and a black handle that has the same effect as the bedroom. The hanging cabinet adopts a black door panel, which is in contrast with the white cabinet. The gray-white wall brick is used as a white cabinet and a black wall cabinet. It is natural and easy to clean.

The glass door is used to partition the shower area, and the wet and dry separation makes the space more transparent. The bathroom is also suitable for gray-white floor tiles.

This black and white gray house design is the 'finishing touch' for the small-sized apartment to take the high-end route! It is recommended that the small-sized apartment that is planned to be renovated or remodeled can be referenced, and the black-and-white gray can easily create a luxurious and fashionable home experience.

Living room bedroom kitchen bathroom

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