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KingKonree wash basin manufacturers Man-made stone plate types Daquan, three artificial stone prices explain _ soil rat decorat

by:KingKonree     2018-09-25

Stone, as one of the materials for home decoration, plays an important role in people's lives. Whether it is home floor decoration or wall decoration, even window sills and cabinets need to use stone, but currently on the market. There are many types of decorative stone, whether it is natural stone or artificial stone plate, there are many classifications. Everyone should be familiar with the hot stone, but it can be very strange for the artificial stone. Today, Xiaobian brings you the introduction of the types of artificial stone plates, and see how much the commonly used artificial stone costs. 

1. Polyester artificial stone plate

As the most commonly used type of artificial stone, polyester artificial stone plate is the most common stone in home decoration. The reason is very simple, that is, it has excellent skill and appearance. Compared with other kinds of artificial stone plate, polyester artificial stone. The pattern design is relatively simple, but the price is higher than several other artificial stones.

The polyester artificial stone production process is made of unsaturated polyester as a cementing material, and then marble, granite and quartz sand as filling materials, artificially produced by mixing, compounding, pouring, solidifying, demoulding, polishing and the like. Stone plate, although polyester artificial stone can be used as a decorative place, but it is not suitable as a kitchen countertop decoration, because the kitchen countertop is generally direct food, it is best not to make direct contact with polyester artificial stone.

2. Resin type artificial stone plate

Resin type artificial stone is commonly used as a stone for ordinary home decoration. Like polyester artificial stone, it has excellent material hardness and rich color types. The resin type artificial stone material is an unsaturated polyester resin as an adhesive. The viscosity of the resin is relatively low, so it is convenient in processing and production, and is not only easy to form, but also can be cured at normal temperature. There are three processing methods, namely vibration, extrusion and compression.

Resin type artificial board contains natural marble gravel, quartz sand, calcite, stone powder, etc. After hot pressing, it finally becomes the artificial stone commonly used in home decoration. The resin type artificial stone is slightly lower in hardness than the polyester type artificial stone. However, the resin type artificial board is healthier and non-polluting, and can be used as a material for the counter top.

3. Composite solid surface plate

The composite artificial stone plate is the most expensive compared to the first two kinds of artificial plates. Generally, the composite artificial stone plate is made of inorganic materials when bonding, but it also contains organic polymer materials, and the specific manufacturing process is simple. First, the cement mortar is made of cement and stone powder, and then the body is immersed in the stone plate and then subjected to catalytic final polymerization. For the plate, the inorganic material with stable performance on the bottom layer can increase the hardness and quality of the plate.

4, cement type artificial stone plate

Cement-type artificial stone is made of various cements as cementing materials, and uses natural gravel and sand as the basic filling aggregate, which is prepared, stirred, pressurized and steamed, and finally polished and polished to make artificial stone. Because the material is very simple, and the workmanship is relatively simple, the price is relatively low, and the decoration is also relatively poor. For example, the general ink stone and the flower step brick are one type of cement type artificial stone.

These four kinds of artificial stone plates have their own strengths and characteristics, so everyone must find out their own needs and conditions when purchasing artificial stone plates, do not blindly buy, buy the right is the best.

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