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KingKonree What is the concept of artificial stone? Detailed analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of artificial stone an

by:KingKonree     2018-09-24

What is the concept of artificial stone? Detailed analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of artificial stone and type

Source: fz.zhuangyi.com Date: 2018-09-12

What is the concept of solid surface? Perhaps many decoration owners are not very comprehensive about artificial stone. The raw materials of artificial stone are natural stone powder, such as marble powder, glass powder, calcite, etc., as well as resin and other materials. The production process is to mix these materials. Adhesive adhesives are manufactured into artificial stone by extrusion and other processes. Today, Fuzhou Decoration Network Xiaobian will analyze the shortcomings, advantages and related types of artificial stone.

The concept of artificial stone refers to the use of natural stone powder, as well as resin and other materials as raw materials, mixed adhesive adhesives are manufactured by extrusion and other processes. We have already understood the concept of solid surface, the following is a small series with Fuzhou Decoration Network. Let's take a look at the shortcomings, advantages and related types of artificial stone.

Analysis of advantages and disadvantages of artificial stone:


Advantages of artificial stone: Appearance is beautiful. The surface of the artificial stone is not easy to fade, and it also has the texture of natural stone, and the decoration is very good. In addition, its appearance has no gaps, it is not easy to enter the water, the water absorption rate is low, the anti-fouling and anti-dirty effect is very good, and it is more convenient to clean!

Advantages of artificial stone: wear resistance and high temperature. is also a stone, has a certain wear resistance, and its service life is relatively long. And the stone has a certain temperature resistance, if used as a countertop, it is very durable!

The advantages of artificial stone three: the color style is more selective. The artificial stone itself is artificially manufactured, and its plasticity is very strong. It can manufacture various colors of stone according to market demand. The decoration effect is also very good.

Advantages of artificial stone: natural and environmentally friendly. Although artificial stone is artificially manufactured, its raw materials are natural materials such as stone powder and resin. It is not necessary to incorporate harmful substances during construction. Therefore, artificial stone is relatively green and environmentally friendly!

Advantages of artificial stone five: the price is cheap. Compared with natural stone, the price of artificial stone is much cheaper. According to the quality of the brand, the price is divided into high and low. Under normal circumstances, each centimeter is between 60-120.


Disadvantages of artificial stone: soft texture, easy to scratch. Compared with natural stone, artificial stone is slightly inferior in hardness, it is more prone to scratches, affecting the appearance! When using it, please be careful not to scratch or hit with sharp objects to prevent the stone from cracking;

The disadvantage of artificial stone is two: poor shrinkage performance. After all, artificial stone is made of stone powder, and the shrinkage performance is poor. If the temperature difference between hot and cold is frequent, it is easy to crack and damage.

The disadvantage of artificial stone is three: high temperature makes the artificial stone tarnish. If the artificial stone is used as the countertop of the cabinet, then it is best not to put the overheated appliance on the surface of the stone. Otherwise, the long-term high temperature will make the stone lose its luster and affect the appearance!

After reading the advantages and disadvantages of artificial stone, let's take a look at the type of artificial stone:

type: resin type artificial stone plate

There are also many types of artificial stone plates, and resin-type artificial stone plates are a relatively common stone. It has excellent material hardness and a very rich variety of colors. The viscosity of the resin is relatively low, so it is convenient in processing and production. It is not only easy to form, but also can be cured at normal temperature. There are three general processing methods in the factory, namely vibration, extrusion and compression.

type: polyester artificial stone plate

As the most commonly used type of artificial stone, polyester artificial stone plate is the most common stone in home decoration. The reason is very simple, that is, it has excellent skill and appearance. Compared with other kinds of artificial stone plate, polyester artificial stone. The pattern design is relatively simple, but the price is higher than several other artificial stones.

type: cement type artificial stone plate

Cement-type artificial stone is made of various cements as cementing materials, and uses natural gravel and sand as the basic filling aggregate, which is prepared, stirred, pressurized and steamed, and finally polished and polished to make artificial stone. Because the material is very simple, and the workmanship is relatively simple, the price is relatively low, and the decoration is also relatively poor. For example, the general ink stone and the flower step brick are one type of cement type artificial stone.

The concept of artificial stone is believed to have been understood. Do you understand the advantages and disadvantages of artificial stone and the type of artificial stone? I hope that the sharing of Fuzhou Decoration Network Xiaobian can help everyone.

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