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kitchen countertop comparison - traditional products vs stone overlay

by:KingKonree     2020-02-14
There is a new option for countertop buyers.
This is a manufactured stone product that can be installed on existing laminate or tile countertops.
The problem is;
What is its value and performance compared to traditional countertop products?
What is it?
The product that covers \"granite\" is one person
It is made of granite, quartz and other stone particles mixed with resin to form a thick slate.
It is not granite in a natural state.
This is basically the same as traditional quartz products like Silestone, Caesarstone and Cambria, just not that thick.
Is thickness important?
When it comes to the appearance of the finished product, it will definitely do so.
Traditional stone products 1-
1/2 thick.
Because most people choose
The thickness of the installation sink material is very obvious.
Comments on covered products suggest that this thin material looks cheap.
Other quartz stone flat products offer thick flat plates, but only tiles or vertical surfaces are recommended.
How are these products compared to the versatility of the design?
The most common product to date is the solid surface (i. e.
Keli, LG HiMacs, etc. ).
The solid surface is a mixture of acrylic and polyester.
It can form an organic shape (thermoforming)
Polished to a variety of gloss levels.
The edge profile is limited only by your imagination.
It is also the only product that offers an \"integrated\" sink, eliminating the silicone around the sink, making them more hygienic and easy to clean.
Traditional stone products such as granite and quartz also offer amazing color, edge selection, and even some different finishes on the surface.
The most common finish is gloss;
However, \"leather \"(matte)
The finish is becoming more and more popular.
Some stone countertop manufacturers are also able to apply a variety of other finishes to the stone surface.
Stone cover products offer less color and texture options.
Edge options are also limited due to the thickness of the material.
These products have only one gloss.
What is the cost of removing the old countertop?
In general, removing the old countertop is a quick and painless process.
A reputable countertop company will clean up any confusion generated during the removal process.
Usually, it takes about 30 minutes for the laminate and about 2 hours for the tile.
Depending on what kind of countertop you have, the cost of removal will vary.
Some companies even remove your old countertop for free.
How do they compare in cost?
It will depend on many factors.
Generally, the price of stone cover products is comparable to that of ordinary granite, quartz and solid Surface products.
The \"designer\" colors of exotic granite and quartz and solid surfaces will be more expensive.
What about durability?
Thickness also affects durability.
Since stone cover products are relatively new, it\'s too early to say how good they will be over time.
Some buyers said on the HGTV Forum that the product was not well supported over time.
There were other covered products in the past;
They are not here today.
Traditional products such as granite, quartz and solid surfaces have been shown to be truly usable for a lifetime.
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