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Kitchen countertop materials What are the kitchen countertop materials

by:KingKonree     2021-04-27

  The cabinet is one of the most important furniture in our kitchen. With a good cabinet, we will have a good mood for cooking and a mood of enjoyment to cook delicious food for the family. The whole cabinet mainly includes the cabinet body, panel (door panel), countertop, and hardware. The quality of kitchen countertop materials directly affects the quality and safety of our kitchen. Many people are not very clear about what materials are used for kitchen countertops. Let us take a look at several kitchen countertops to help everyone understand and choose.

What are the materials for    kitchen countertops

   Refractory countertops

   Refractory countertops are commonly known as fireproof countertops, usually high temperature, high pressure, Made of viscose, bending and other processes. Because of its bright colors, abrasion resistance, scratch resistance, high temperature resistance, and low price, it occupies a certain market share. Refractory board countertops also have a fly in the ointment, that is, when the exposed section is cut off, effective means cannot be used to block the erosion of water and moisture on the countertop. Improper use will lead to serious consequences such as degumming, deformation, and expansion of the substrate.

  composite acrylic artificial stone

   is added to the chemical raw materials such as mineral powder, aluminum powder, calcium powder, etc., to make the composite acrylic artificial stone, which is the cabinet countertop of this material. The quality varies from good to bad, but the manufacturers of good brands are still good. Composite acrylic artificial stone cabinet countertops and pure acrylic cabinet countertops are very similar in type, but many features are not so good.

  Natural stone countertop

  Natural stone countertop is a relatively traditional cabinet material, because it has the advantages of noble texture, high density, high hardness, wear resistance, etc. . However, due to its limited length, it cannot be made into a long one-piece countertop, so it is not suitable to be used in the pursuit of a whole countertop today. Because its surface is cold and has natural cracks, it is easy to absorb oil and breed bacteria, and it has a certain Radioactive, so it is not suitable for large-scale use in the kitchen.

  Pure acrylic artificial stone

  Pure acrylic artificial stone is an artificial stone countertop with acrylic content over 40%. Pure acrylic artificial stone cabinet countertops can be absolutely impervious and seamlessly spliced, have any shape, and have very good toughness, and basically no breakage. The high temperature resistance and impact strength of pure acrylic artificial stone cabinet countertops are poor, and the price is higher, please choose carefully when buying.

  Stainless steel countertop

  Stainless steel is a relatively traditional raw material for kitchen countertops. Its texture is firm, easy to clean, and practical, but its vision is cold, hard to change, and lacks in corners. Effective treatment method, and the stainless steel cannot be repaired after being cut by a sharp tool, so it is gradually eliminated.

  Seamless artificial stone countertop

  Seamless artificial stone countertop, because of its rich patterns and integral molding, there are no traces at the seams, and the price is relatively low Moderate and acceptable to working-class people, so this tabletop is widely used.

  Quartz stone countertops

   Among all countertops, quartz stone countertops are one-step cabinet countertop materials. However, the price of this product is relatively high, so only white-collar workers and above Acceptable.

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