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by:KingKonree     2020-06-10
(1)Make sure you are not distracted while cooking as this is the major cause of fire outbreak in the kitchen. (2) Always ensure that the Stove is not forgotten as a result of distraction while cooking (3) Ensure that your loose clothings do not catch fire.Be carefull with them while cooking. (4) Make sure your saucepan handles are not placed in such a way as to become hot while cooking. (5) Be careful when frying as hot oil easily catches fire. (6) Ensure proper ventillation in the kitchen. (7) Ensure that matches, lighters and the likes are stored beyond the reach of younger children in the kitchen. (8)Smoke alarms should not be stored in the kitchen.but could be fitted in all other rooms. (9)Avoid cooking when under the influence of alcohol as to loose concentration. (10)Dont use fire extinguicher fora panof oil asit can aggravate the situation. (11) Do not use water for electrical fires. Switching off the device power may be all that is needed. Godak KITCHEN SAFETY GENERAL TIPS (1)There should be good lighting in the kitchen. (2)Everything in the kitchen must be properly arranged. (3) Do not cook under the influence of alcohol and when you have taken some drugs. (4) The kitchen must be properly ventilated. (5) All broken glasses should be taken carae off (6)Cooked food must be well kept.preferably in a refridgeration AND (7)Remember to keep a fire extinguisher in the kitchen. This link might be helpful: HOME SAFETY: BATHROOM SAFETY. There is no doubt that the bathroom is one of the most dangerous place in the home.The bathroom play host to the hard ceramic bathtub, the shower,sink ,electrical wirings and devices that could endanger life at the slightest mistake.To prevent falls,drowning of small children,electrical shock,eating of medicines left in the bathroom by small children carelessly left in the bathroom or gained access to the room becaus it was not locked, the bathroom require proper planning. Safety should be the watch word in building our bathroom.In selecting material for the bathroom like the bathtub,the shower, heaters, etc,only those that are certified safe should be taken.Added to thes,safety devices such as the fire extinguishers to mention but one should be provided for the bathroom. BATHROOM SAFETY TIPS. (1) If medications are kept in the bathroom, they should not be within the reach of choldren. (2) Make grabs by the toilet,shower and bathtub (3)Ensure that your tub and shower does not slip. (4) Heaters must be properly taken care of when used in the bathroom.Of significant note is the connection cord to power which should not be allowed to dangle around the floor.Any leakage could pose a very sereous harzard in view of the fact that the heater carries a high voltage of electricity. (5)Take proper care of your waste basket. It should not contain injurious objects such as razor blade,broken bottles or poisonous materials .Children can play with them when your eyes are in a different direction. (6) Make sure children are not left alone in the bathtub.It takes little water to get drown especially for small children. (7) Make sure you feel the hot water temperature before using it to bath your child.Do not burn your child. (8)Ensure that there is a lock on the bathroom door.The lock should preferably be higher than the reach of small children. (9)keep the bathroom clean,dry and non slipprey. (10) Ensure their is good lightening in the bathroom.You should know all the things in the room that are harmfull. Unplog appliances after use, (11) Ensure that all cosmetic and cleaning products are stored away from children's reach. (12)If you smoke in the bathroom, make sure there is an ash tray in the bathroom.Also ensure that cigarette buttes arewatered before disposal in the bathroom. ((13) Be conscious of possible fire outbreak in the bathroomand take proper care.If candles are used in the bathroom,make sure they are blown out before leaving the room at all times. (14) Ensure that all electrical wiring are free from leakage and there is proper grounding. (15)When heaters are used to boil water,temperature should not exceed 120 degree fahr.
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