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Kitchen silicone sealants have been specially

by:KingKonree     2020-08-31

Using Kitchen Sealants

Kitchen silicone sealant is very easy to use but it is important to remember that this is an adhesive. Therefore you will have to be very careful when you apply the product not to get it on your skin, clothes, cabinets or worktops as it can be very difficult to remove. Kitchen silicone sealant is water resistant so you will not be able to simple wash it off with soap and water so it is important to only apply the product where you actually want it. One handy tip is to buy some antibacterial kitchen wipes that are widely available from supermarkets. These are pre-treated and do not require the addition of water and can be used on almost any surface. These kitchen wipes can be effective at clearing up excess kitchen sealant and also removing it from your hands and clothes.

Removing Old Sealant

Kitchen silicone sealant will not last forever and gaps can form over time. If your sealant is starting to look a little worse for wear you can simply remove the old sealant and start again. You can do this by using a sharp tool to scrape the old sealant out or you can also get special solutions which will dissolve kitchen silicone sealant. Once you have removed the old sealant clean the area thoroughly and dry off before you apply the new product.

Caring For Kitchen Sealant

You do need to leave kitchen silicone sealant to dry overnight if possible before you use these areas again. This will make sure that the sealant is fully dry and has formed a hard wearing seal. You can wipe over kitchen sealant with normal kitchen spray cleaners but don't leave harsh chemicals to soak on kitchen sealants as this can damage them. Also avoid scrubbing kitchen silicone sealants with scourers as this can also cause damage and wear. You do need to make sure that your kitchen worktops and cupboards are firmly fixed in place. Silicone sealant is flexible but if the surfaces it is applied to move around too much this will cause the sealant to break or pull away and gaps will form.

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