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kitchen sink

by:KingKonree     2020-05-28
William safemage 30, \"everything, but 2008 of the source. . .
\"The table in the kitchen is reminiscent of a warm and friendly place where a family can seriously discuss, but the sink in the kitchen is a confusing metaphor.
At the end of last year, the Republican candidate started a new round of criminal activities. a Huckabee aide complained that the Romney camp threw \"everything but the kitchen sink\" at the new hopeful\"
In early February, CNN\'s Candy Crawley reported that Barack Obama and Hillary Roham Clinton were working on a \"kitchen --
Put every hot topic into a batch of unfinalized speeches.
However, later that month, welcome
The mouth-shaped sink has become an evil warehouse of Shadows: The Times reported on the plan to \"release what Clinton\'s aides call Obama\'s\" kitchen sink, CNN\'s Anderson Cooper called Clinton \"the kitchen-sink strategy.
This is a phrase defined by the Washington Times in 1996 that covers Bill Clinton\'s legal defense and is a strategy that \"lawyers usually throw out any argument that might support their case, no matter how ridiculous
Obama seized the phrase as a counter-attack ammunition: \"The Clinton campaign kept its promise when using the kitchen --sink strategy.
Obama in the Texas and Ohio primaries with \"kitchen --
I believe there will be some impact on the sink strategy.
\"His campaign quickly seized on the view of Geraldine Ferraro, a political feminist pioneer and Clinton supporter, that Obama\'s campaign gave him an advantage:\" If Obama is white, he will not stand in this position. ” (
Some of my readers are also angry with this: \"get it,\" Sam Parkham --
Walsh, a member of the pick-up Alliance, said in an email
Email message \"We don\'t use subjective tense anymore!
Is all our education in vain?
Because Ferraro\'s statement puts forward a condition that is contrary to the fact that her \"if Obama is white\" should be like this.
Neither campaign asked for correction. )
Advertising about the kitchen sink has now temporarily replaced the exit strategy. The O. E. D.
Define \"everything but the kitchen sink\" as \"everything you can imagine \".
I defined the kitchen.
\"The plan to blame opponents for the reversal of policy --flops;
In the past,
Black Curtain Association;
Pictures of wearing clothes;
All the shocks, the political body is the heir, hoping to provoke an undignified anger.
But why the kitchen sink?
Why not look like other heavy but usable items like office tables, bedroom chifforobe, bathroom bathtubs and more?
Eric Partridge, the editor of the dictionary, thinks it\'s armed.
Slang for heavy bombing.
He quoted 1948 sentences in his unconventional dictionary: \"They threw everything to us except or including the kitchen sink.
Jonathan Wright, editor of The Dictionary of American slang history (
A multi-dimensional cultural understanding work with commemorative significance may require some basic support to complete)
A letter of 1942 was quoted in which a non-military usage was used: \"The mother certainly gave her everything except the kitchen sink.
\"Let\'s go back to the 19 th century and see the annoying quality of the kitchen sink.
In 1873, the young British women\'s Novel Magazine had a line saying, \"I found everything from (
What\'s Miss Nightingale\'s name)
The sink in the kitchen is annoying.
\"The piece of zinc on the wood, often with a bad smell, is a place of drudgery where women are often sent unhappily, where dirty dishes and dirt are piled up.
In 1888, Rudyard Kipling extended the metaphor to the political realm: \"The power of all his thoughts and conversations. . .
Taken from him by the kitchen.
Government sink.
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So far, the earliest use is
Fred Shapiro, a recent editor of the Yale quotes, discovered the inclusion phrase, after he discovered a bombing of Paris by Mary Shannon Wade from France in the Syracuse Herald on 1918: \"The bombing did not bother me. . .
Although the station was packed with people trying to get out, the streets were packed with strollers, bird cages and \"everything but the kitchen sink \".
Webster\'s inclusion of this sentence in quotation marks suggests that during World War I, this was common among French Americans.
Nearly a century later, it was reborn as a \"strategy\" in our political movement \". Obama and “-
This summer marks the centennial of Fred melkel\'s famous \"bonehead play.
\"The New York Giants runner-up failed to reach second place as a late player --
The season with the Chicago Cubs is over, and the jubilant crowd is rushing to the field;
Although the Giants seem to have won, the game must be replayed.
The Cubs later won the banner and the World Series (
Cursed for the last century).
Merkel is foolish to achieve eternal life together.
When Obama had to explain his long-term fund
Improve and be true
Real estate deals with Antoine Rezko are now on trial in Chicago for commercial fraud and influence peddling, the term chosen by senators for their financial association is not a judgmental \"mistake nor a insensitive\" dumb \"or a self
Belittle \"stupidity\", or \"rashness\" with obvious caution \".
Instead, he repeated his actions with the passionate dialectical and excusable baseball word boneheaded.
When his supporters condemned Ferraro\'s actions
Obama\'s point of view
Realize the glorious status of Ferraro in many memories
Deliberately avoid allegations of racism.
He chose a gentle word for her comment, which was almost a sympathetic mistake.
With the help of Mike Agnes, editor-in-chief of Webster\'s New World Dictionary, my contribution to Obama\'s rhetoric arsenal is: shortcomings to him
The president\'s choice, if needed, is to be calm, sober and calm. For kitchen-
Sink strategist: fool-
Clear-headed, slow-headed and slow-headed.
Be avoided as an offense to voting groups: headless, bald.
A version of the article appears on the print on page MM18 of Sunday magazine, titled: Kitchen Sink.
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