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Kitchen splashbacks are a elegant, modern and

by:KingKonree     2020-08-29

Commonly found in the form of tiling, splashbacks now include many different styles to choose from, with a choice of materials such as coloured and mirrored glass and stainless steel.

A splashback is a protective wall cover used to protect the surrounding surface from dirt and grease. When you wash up in the sink, prepare food on the counter and cook on the cooker, plenty of splashing takes place that can leave unwanted, small bits of waste between edges and seals.

It is not unusual to find food and water stains on walls around these areas as it is a normal part of using the kitchen but unfortunately these stains provide a breeding place for germs and bacteria.

This means having to regularly clean what must be a wallpapered wall or painted surface. Rigorous cleaning more often damages the surface making it necessary to do frequent and costly repairs.

With a splashback however, none of this is necessary. The surface is properly protected and any stains, food, or leftover that do make their way on to the surface can be quickly and easily wiped off just as with a countertop.

The glass surfaces are smooth and hard with no absorption of dirt or water that would otherwise require harsh cleaning methods.

The strong durable material also means that once you have installed it, you will get many years use out of it.

Once fitted firmly against the wall, even cheap glass splashbacks can remain for a long time without fading or weakening. It's durable material makes it difficult to crack or scratch.

Other than the many practical uses it is also possible to make use of your splashback as a decorative and stylish feature for your kitchen, with many able to come in a number of colors and patterns and customization.

Similar to how you design or paint your walls, you can have a design motif included or use several colors in a plaid pattern arrangement. The options are up to you!

Even enhance the light effect by having a glitter or frosted glass effect incorporated!

Order online or for a fast friendly quote call us providing us the size required for the splashback, your design details, fitting specifications and finally your delivery details then we'll process your order.

Soon enough your order will be complete, ready for you to give your kitchen a modern look with a great added feature of being so simple to clean.

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