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Kitchen worktops are of many kinds including wood

by:KingKonree     2020-09-01

Best Finishes and Properties : Granite worktops are available in various thicknesses. These stones are 100% solid and possess a standard thickness of 30 mm. Granites are available in gloss and honed-matt finishes. Yet, the surface is extremely durable and scratch-resistant. Available in a variety of colours, dark granites are more likely to retain the color than the lighter and the medium stones. Granite is very much resistant to all kinds of damage, thereby making it the material highly sought after for kitchen countertops. Granite kitchen worktops in Berkshire can compliment both contemporary and classic kitchen types.

Maintenance and Care : Granite stones are highly durable and damage-resistant. Yet, cleaning liquid spillages on time can reduce the long term impact on the stone. This holds true for wine and acid spillages. Although the material is heat resistant, it is ideal to place hot pans and vessels on top of hob bars or pan rests. Granite kitchen worktops in Berkshire require very less maintenance, and can be cleaned with a damp cloth dipped in mild cleaning liquid or detergent. Avoid using heavily abrasive cleaners that contain lemon, vinegar or other solutions containing acids. If you use a stone seal product, you can guarantee protection against stains caused by food and liquid spillages.

Why Granite? : Granite is a very flexible materials, and therefore you can cut them into various shapes and sizes. You can cut curves and radius corners easily. The surface is durable and can be easily cleaned, thereby making the granite worktops ideal for dough making for pastries and puffs. Granite kitchen worktops in Berkshire can be selected through a reputed manufacturer or suppplier to choose from a variety of colors and textures. Leave the rest to the designer to give your kitchen the ultimate appeal.

To top it all, match the splashbacks, window sills, upstands and cut-outs to compliment the granite worktop. To accentuate it all, choose a light coloured flooring to give a contrast to your dark coloured worktop.

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