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by:KingKonree     2020-05-17
Two copper pans auctioned at Sotheby\'s last year were worth nearly £ 400.
Part of the reason for this amount is what the Americans call \"starshine rub-off\" -
The pot is owned by a famous chef.
Similarly, a year ago, the sale of things in Elizabeth David\'s kitchen attracted astronomical prices for very ordinary wooden spoons and mixed bowls.
Perhaps we believe that we have inherited the talents of our former masters through possession.
If that\'s the case.
Just by cherishing the food of the past, we may become a country with great chefs.
Few old stews are worth handing over to the next generation;
Their magic was small and burned.
Copper pan with tin or stainless steel lining is the exception.
Buying them is expensive, but can last for centuries, and the quick response of professional chefs when heating and cooling is often their first choice.
This makes it very controllable to cook with them, especially when compared to cast iron, it takes longer for cast iron to reach the correct cooking temperature, and to maintain high temperature after being removed from heat.
The wok was made of iron, heavy, black, and large pan shapes until some time in the Middle Ages, a smaller possum or skin was produced.
Cauldrons either have a dog
Ved base and handle for hanging the pan on open fire or-
It\'s like skin gold.
They installed 3 feet in order for them to stand. When the cast-
The iron kitchen series has been introduced, and in order to reach the heat source more effectively, a fully flat base is required for the cooking pot.
Although still black cast iron, now with long tubular handles, these pans have a variety of sizes and shapes and are very successful until a generation ago, many designs are still used on stoves and gas stoves.
But by then, light
Weight Paint bag steel pot-
Launched in 1870-and cast-
Since the beginning of this century, aluminum pans have become popular.
Stainless steel has now used these materials as the main metal of the pan.
\"This is one of the most important items in the kitchen,\" Mrs. Beaton said \".
So what will she choose today?
Of course, it depends on her stove and how she uses it.
Although the lacquer cast iron is beautiful, it is very heavy and more suitable for slow cooking.
This makes the frying pan better than the stew. Alu-
The advantage of Minium is that it is lighter than cast iron, but untreated aluminum reacts with food acid, which is now considered a health risk.
A new black anodized aluminum has recently been introduced;
The manufacturer said that the ratio of alumina to stainless steelporous scratch-
Resistant to surface.
In an experiment with one of the pans, I found that the bottom of the pan was not completely flat, making it limited in use on Aga or other solidsplate cooker.
Although this does not affect its efficiency, gray flowers have been formed inside.
Some anode alumina pan dishwashers are not safe.
While some chefs like to use enamelled aluminum and enamelled steel pans, I find them too fragile for my needs and easy to catch.
This leaves stainless steel, which, in my experience, is the best pan material for home cooking.
Modern stainless steel is made of an alloy that includes 18% chromium and 10% nickel, commonly referred to as 18/10 stainless steel. A high-
Good pot should have energy
Efficient and smooth
The ground base is usually composed of two layers of steel and the other layer is copper or aluminum with a total thickness of at least 6mm.
This makes the pot very suitable for use on the castingiron range;
For entities or rings-
Board electricity;
There are also halogen lamps and gas stoves.
High quality stainless steel
The steel pan has a warranty period of 25 to 30 years.
Fortunately, stainless steelsteel sauce-
Prices have fallen since the pot was first launched.
If you\'re building a new kitchen or replacing an old pot, it\'s usually worth looking for a quote on a set of three or four pots --
Sometimes with steamer-
Cheaper than buying alone.
Be sure to handle the pan before purchasing, check the handle, weight and balance.
I prefer hollow steel handles as they stay cool while cooking on the stove, but the whole pot also bears the heat of the oven --
Some plastic handles are not ovens. proof.
If possible, check how the pot fell
A good kitchen shop should be happy to have a pot of water.
Find pots with a convenient ratio of depth to circumference, as well as smooth and curved interior profiles that are easy to stir and clean.
Finally, I\'m not a non-fan.
Probably in addition to an omelet pan that is less likely to overheat, there is sticky paint.
The best pan to use properly will not stick together or behave improperly, just a pleasure to use.
Classic French sauce in BEURRE blanc, with boiled or grilled fish, and cooked asparagus, Thistle, and Florence fennel.
Serve 63 tablespoons white wine vinegar 3 tablespoons scallions in dry white wine, peel and cut 1 bayleaf3 black pepper 200g/7 oz salt free butter very finely, cut into 12 slices/4 lemons or 1 tablespoon cream in a small stainless steel
Steel or copper pan, stewed wine vinegar and wine with scallions and pepper in low heat until less than a tablespoon of liquid.
Remove the pot from the fire and discard the pepper and bayleaf.
Place the pan on the folded cloth to keep the heat.
If the temperature drops too much, please change the pot briefly under low heat.
Add a piece of butter at a time using a balloon mixer.
Butter must be softened but not completely melted.
When all the butter is added to the sauce, stir the mixture to light and thick.
Season with a little salt and adjust the taste with lemon juice or cream.
Serve immediately.
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