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KKR Solid Surface reception desk for uBank Projects

Project:  UBank Projects Solid Surface Reception Desk From KKR

Project Description:

Customer: Dubai UBanks 

Product: Reception desk/countertops and tables

Material: Solid surface sheet is a bendable and unique material made from minerals and resins.  

Workmanship: In this case, KKR's experienced workers finished it all by hands, such workmanship made the solid surface perfectly combine with the led light to a very modern style.  

Feature: Chic, unique, eye-catching, shiningly, durable, easy to clean, anti-abrasion;

Application: Applicable to office, hotel etc.

Cooperation Details:

In 2017, through negotiating a portfolio of bolts and nuts, one of Dubai UBanks KKR has collaborated with placed order to KKR's reception desk which was from high-end translucent and pure solid surface sheet.

Integrated with special curving design, high quality raw materials, the lighting counter is super natural and charmingly bright. Applying this impeccably hand-made countertops featured with eye-catching shiningly smoothness, 

it lights the flame of this whole lobby hall of Dubai UBank.

At the commencement of KKR's inauguration, it ushered in international casting craftmanship. KKR occupies its own facility equipped with employers in majority over 5-year experience in this field. 

Armed with those prerequisites, a must to smooth over trades, not only does KKR win its popularity from domestic partners, but also overseas customers, along with its reasonable price and favorable quality. 

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