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KKR Solid Surface Reception Desk for uBank Projects

Project: Solid Surface Reception Desk for UBank Projects


Project Description:

Customer: UBank in Dubai

Product: Reception desk/countertops, and tables

Material: Solid surface sheet is a bendable and unique material made of minerals and resins.  

Workmanship: In this case, KKR's experienced workers completed the projects by hands, which makes the solid surface perfectly combine with the LED light.

Feature: Chic, unique, eye-catching, shiny, durable, easy to clean, anti-abrasion;

Application: Applicable to office, hotel, etc.



Cooperation Details:

In 2017, KKR established a cooperative relationship with UBank in Dubai.


Designed with special curving design and made of high-quality raw materials, the lighting counter is super natural and charmingly bright. This impeccably hand-made countertop is featured with eye-catching and glossy smoothness.

KKR has had over 5-year experience in this field.

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