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know about montelli solid surface

by:KingKonree     2020-04-10
Montelli & Benefit: Montelli is DuPont\'s only solid surface.
Monterey is soft cleaning and maintenance, making it a hygienic choice for your healthy family.
DuPont Monterey Solid Surface is a decorative material, which can be used in many indoor applications in the field of commercial and family housing.
Solid material, direct penetration uniform, hard surface, no-
It is permeable, sterile and repairable.
These implementation benefits make the DuPont-Monterey Basic Arrangement a reasonable material for a large number of areas to be utilized.
The basic layout of DuPont Montelli can be cut, orientated, slightly creased, polished and sculpted to form various contours, shadows, decorations and shocks.
Monterey is not a-
Bendable solid surface materials have two types to choose from, that is, 12mm and 6mm. Compared with other brands, there are two types to choose from, but DuPont Monterey is one of the best solid surface science industries in this industry.
Advantages: It is provided in the form of sheets and can be used to make wallboards, coffee tables, reception desks, kitchen countertops, bathrooms and showers, as well as many other applications.
Because the material is solid and uniform, the surface is very long. -life, non-
Porous, sanitary and repairable.
If an accidental chemical leak occurs, rinse it immediately with a large amount of soapy water and try to remove the leak with detergents and scrubbing pads.
Dupont Monterey is a high quality surface material, which uses special resin blended polyester polymers. It is non-
Porous, hygienic, renewable, looks like stone, but cutting is more like wood.
The whole granite pattern is solid, allowing three-
Dimensional forming, when manufactured with inconspicuous seams.
Joints are smoother and easier to maintain than ceramic tiles or slates.
Montelli can meet your design needs. This is a non-
Bendable solid surface material.
Uses: Household: kitchen countertop, bathroom dresser, windowsill and window frame.
Hotel and restaurant: catering counter, coffee table, bar, partition, interior decoration.
Office: Reception desk, work desk, partition, bathroom counter.
Banks and airlines: transactions, immigration counters, partitions, internal cladding.
Retail: countertops and interiors of shopping malls, showrooms, salons and beauty parlors, cake shops, jewelry and clothing stores.
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