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Kohler's professional advice: how to properly match the bathtub and shower room?

by:KingKonree     2021-05-10

Under the fast pace of modern life, people often like to use showers to solve their bathing needs. According to relevant survey statistics, at present, domestic showers account for most of the daily bathing patterns. But while taking a quick bath, the shower also makes people ignore the different feelings and effects that bathing brings to people. Therefore, how to perfectly match the bathroom and bathtub at home has become an emerging topic for bathing in new and improved families.

Soaking in a bath, to some extent, takes a long time and is a relaxing and enjoyable exercise. The human body allows water molecules to 'invade' at the right temperature, 'penetrate' each pore into the entire pores of the human body, gradually expand each pore, 'breath' fresh 'oxygenDirt, so that the bather can achieve a double relaxation of body and mind. The shower cannot achieve this relaxing effect.

Although showering can prevent cross-infection and 'massage' the acupoints. Especially it can use the pressure of still water and the buoyancy of water to move the limbs and injured parts of the human body. However, using showers, if the shower heads and bath balls are not frequently replaced, bacteria can easily breed and cause damage to the skin. Moreover, the limited area of u200bu200bthe shower room is not conducive to physical relaxation and can not eliminate emotional fatigue after work.

From the above analysis, it seems that taking a bath is more beneficial to your health. This is not the case. Some experts explained that “people should not overly emphasize the way of showering or bathing. Both methods have their advantages.” Since bathtubs and shower rooms embody two different lifestyles, why can’t we combine fish and bears? Having both palms, the advantages of showering and bathing are combined to form a brand-new way of bathing. Obviously, Kohler's advocacy of 'installing bathtubs in large bathrooms (cast iron bathtubs or Jacuzzis) and small bathrooms with shower enclosures' coincides with the reporter's idea. Moreover, Kohler's rich and comprehensive bathroom products allow consumers to easily realize this bathing concept of the best of both worlds.

For this model, many consumers say that they like it very much. There are two bathroom models at home, and you can wash as you want. The effect is much better than just choosing a single bath or a separate shower. .

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