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Lanzhou booth decoration features

by:KingKonree     2021-04-30

   Every year, exhibitions across the country provide manufacturers in various industries with a huge platform for product display, business signing and customer information collection. Exhibitors are also making various efforts to maximize the effect of exhibiting companies. However, what puzzles many exhibitors is that at the exhibition, the booths of companies become more and more fancy, and the activities become more and more abundant, but the results are very small, and some even have very few visitors. The reason is that many exhibitors often pay attention to the whole in the preparation of the event, but ignore the details of exhibition marketing.

   Lanzhou booth decoration characteristics

   Each industry exhibition is a platform for companies to show themselves to the same industry once a year to achieve exchanges and cooperation. When visiting CFE2009, the author found that the organizer not only held a number of technical exchanges, theme lectures, academic forums and other activities during the exhibition, but also started with details such as booth layout and professional audience organization, and worked hard to organize the exhibition in detail and fine.

   For example: exhibition visitor organization has always been a concern of exhibitors. It is understood that the organizers of CFE2009 have specially invited a large number of professional visitors including dealers through the experience of previous exhibitions. According to statistics, the number of professional visitors to the 2009 CFE exhibition has increased by 50% compared to the previous one. For this part of the professional audience, the exhibition specially set up new product display T-stage shows and other activities to provide exhibitors with a great opportunity to showcase their new products. 'We have participated in many other exhibitions before, and the proportion of professional visitors is relatively low. This time 100% of the visitors to the CFE2009 exhibition are professional customers. This is very effective for our new product promotion.' Jiangsu Hengshun Group General Manager Wang Mingfa said to the author, 'Moreover, we have already booked our booth for next year, and we will continue to come next year.'

   Another example: At the exhibition, many exhibitors paid attention to dressing up their booths. The organizer also discovered through the accumulation of experience that the booth layout is not more fancy the more effective, but more targeted. Gong Xinghui, general manager of Zhejiang Zhengwei Food Co., Ltd. said: “Last year, some companies had relatively rough booth design, and some booths were relatively deserted. This year, many companies have realized that the decoration of their booths can enhance their image. Therefore, many of our Customers who visited all reported that the exhibition was lively and festive.'

   Another example: In view of the increase of overseas exhibitors, the organizers of CFE2009 not only strengthened the written publicity and introduction, but also specially added Foreign language signs on the exhibition hall. Such a small increase in details made the exhibition more user-friendly.

   Details determine success or failure. The small details may seem trivial, but the CFE exhibition is adhering to these exhibition principles to make the exhibition bigger and stronger step by step.

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