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live large in a small space with drake, one of the craziest travel trailers

by:KingKonree     2020-04-08
With the development of the world and the dwelling space becoming smaller and smaller, new traveling trailers and traveling cars have sprung up all over the country.
Some are designed for specific purposes, such as closure. -the-
Grid life, field trips, or weekend adventures.
Others are designed to give families a luxurious life, such as the airflow company\'s new global traveler.
Certain trailers do attract attention, while alternative products have unique features, such as the Escapod Topo series designed for rugged terrain.
Land Ark launched one of the craziest travel trailers we\'ve ever seen. -
Drake, an exquisite modern life experience-the-grid home.
Drake is a fashionable design house the size of a RV, providing you with unparalleled freedom.
It can sleep up to seven people by skillfully utilizing space. -
So you can travel with your family.
Drake has two lofts and a flexible room, which you can customize to meet your needs.
The Trailer provides more than 350 square feet of space, including the attic. -
One fits the oversized mattress and the other fits the Queen.
Flexible rooms can be used as closets, storage areas, or with a large mattress.
Smooth-looking corrugated ferrous metal panels and 14 pairs-pane windows.
The implementation of the insulation layer enables Drake to stay in good condition under all weather conditions, including the worst snowstorms. Its roof is specially designed to support snow loads in ski resorts.
The interior is very conspicuous. -
Capture, characterized by white-
Water-washed pine walls and ceilings, LED light box lighting, waterproof luxury vinyl wood floor.
Drake\'s kitchen is designed for luxury restaurants with all conveniences, including stainless steel refrigerators and refrigerators, three stainless steel stoves, stainless steel modern kitchen sinks, solid countertops, custom acrylic cabinets and shelves.
You can eat or work at 10 o\'clock. -foot-
Add a bar roof or hang out on buildings-
Customized sunbathing cushions are available on the sofa.
Luxurious life goes beyond that-
Drake includes a bathroom with a bathtub/shower, a black matte trim, and a dressing table with a light mirror.
Rich storage space, power sockets and USB ports allow you to experience the real life experience. -
You may not want to go back to your old way of life.
There is a Drake model in stock and built in the coming months.
You can buy Drake for $140,000 on the Ark website.
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