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Look, bathroom trends in various countries

by:KingKonree     2021-05-10

The new luxury lifestyle in the United States exists in a place where guests can’t see it—the master bathroom.

Currently, villa bathrooms are prevalent in luxury styles. Some people compare the master bathroom to the crown jewel, and its status can be imagined. American real estate agents pointed out that the demand for luxury bathrooms is growing. In cities like New York, there is no shortage of apartments with 100 square meters of bathroom space. This kind of bathroom space is very open, the oval bathtub is located in the middle of the bathroom, and the rest of the space can accommodate kitchen-sized sinks and luxurious extra-large shower accessories. Simple geometric shapes, bright colors and polished chrome can create the style of modern urban life.

In Asia, the way of life is very different. Bathroom space is usually relatively small. Japan has a relatively small territory, and there is not enough living space in a big city like Tokyo, so its bathrooms are practical and beautiful. However, the traditional sitting bathtub is still popular, and the Japanese are used to showering before taking a bath. Modern Japanese bathrooms are still dominated by white, and the style is simple and exquisite. The toilet is separate from the bathroom and located outside the bathroom.

In large cities in China, people usually live in the middle of culture, and existing values u200bu200bare influenced by the West. Bathtubs are usually decorated with golden yellow accessories to symbolize wealth and strength, but the elegant style brought by floral decorative art has quietly become popular.

Sydney focuses on sustainable aesthetics: it tends to use natural materials and combines practicality and luxury. On the east coast of Australia, private houses and apartments are more affected by different cultures. The open home structure design, straight, slender furniture lines merge the interior design styles of the United States, Europe and Asia. In addition to standard white accessories, bathroom accessories, wooden bathroom cabinets and handmade bricks with fresh and light colors can also be seen everywhere in the bathroom. These colors reflect the close connection between modern urban life in Australia and the surrounding environment.

Due to the high crime rate, the housing structure of São Paulo is greatly affected by external factors. In the protected area, the special house structure is concealed, the bathroom structure can be very open, and the natural stone, traditional tile mosaic, and dark wood floor merge into a minimalist style. Due to the hot climate, South Americans like large shower heads and need a splash-proof design.

Let’s talk about Germany again. Take, for example, a villa in Bad Honnef, which has no fewer than four bathrooms. Guest bathroom and children's bathroom accessories are mainly white, with straight lines. The master bathroom is turned into a spa, and carefully selected bathroom accessories create a warm and comfortable feeling.

If you want to know more about the new trend of global bathroom, the ISH exhibition in Frankfurt, Germany from March 10th to 14th, 2015 is definitely your best choice. Here is the world's most innovative bathroom design, the exhibition opened a special 'water exhibition area' to showcase the sustainable bathroom solutions designed by famous designers. It is the world's largest exhibition hall, displaying the latest designs and high-tech and high-end designs that meet today's development needs. 'Water Exhibition Area' is a symbol of the main theme of ISH exhibition 'Interior + Technology-Integration of Function and Design'. The theme here also includes the effective use of water resources to provide customers with clean, sanitary and other special solutions.

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