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Lovely and Elegent are two words that can be used

by:KingKonree     2020-07-17
A chic but fine look soon draws countless fans and keeps them. It has delightful characteristics such as quaint bowed legs, magnificent ornate silver and gorgeous gold trimmings which are usually used on drawers and handles. The clean cream or white wood blends perfectly with curved contours. At the same time as making a room feel robust, it also has an ability to make you relax and savor your surroundings. Peek back into history to the time of Loius XIV. He courted a lucky period for French art and literature. The sun king is one word banded around to illustrate Louis, and this is clear in the style that has been carried through the centuries. He was also remembered in the seventeenth century for his extravagant self-indulgence and partaking in life's pleasures. The style of fabric used in French furniture is also keeping in with its character. Tassels and gold brocades turn any ordinary chair into one that is fit for a king. They're adored by the French and placed on each corner. Have a closer look at the range and you will find tassels on loads of pieces. Chairs aside, envisage a grand dining room table and chairs. It will make you feel like you are sitting down to eat with the royal household. To complete the aura of the whole room, you would need to team it with an open fireplace, large mirror and gleaming chandelier. Why not repeat this sumptuous style in your living room too? A unexciting sofa could be replaced with a chaise longue. Inclose the TV in a Loire cabinet and bring it out to be viewed only when it is being watched. The bedroom also requires the style and beauty of French furniture. Add a touch of French furniture there too by purchasing a slimline and delicate dressing table with a small padded stool. You can always spot a french wardrobe by looking at the bottom and spotting small carved legs which resemble paws. The paws are universally gold or silver and this trend will be carried on, in the handles.Of course, do not overlook the bathroom. Around the basin incorporate a vanity stand with hanging racks to create that French feeling. The words renaissance rebirth spring to mind.
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