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Main demands of the bathroom consumption

by:KingKonree     2020-09-06

According to an authoritative portal survey, it shows that green, energy saving, intelligence has become the focus of consumers on bathroom consumption in the past two years, which also pointed out that this trend in bathroom consumer market will be increasingly strengthened in the future, this type of products will be especially popular in the terminal market.

The environmental performance for sanitary products

Consumers focused on price and quality when buying sanitary products in the past, now they will carefully ask whether it is water-saving, how much liters are the small water and large water, whether the radiation indicators is eligible. With the growing awareness of environmental protection, the environmental performance for sanitary products will be increasingly strengthened. The Imperial Ware displayed the latest smart toilet on the Shanghai International kitchen & Bath Show, which is acclaimed by audiences and the general media. We can see the popularity of such kind of products.

Features of new material bathroom

Today, The ceramic sanitary products no longer is dominant, the acrylic, artificial stone, wood, stainless steel and other materials have sprung up everywhere. According to the general manager of Imperial Ware, Wu Zhixiong: ' The biggest feature of Acrylic is environmentally friendly and the products can be recycled and reused, which is welcomed by consumers due to strong toughness, easy to clean, easy to repair, multi-color and other characteristics. A lot of bathroom companies introduced the acrylic material products. '

Notes for sanitary ware enterprises

'High pollution, high energy consumption' has been the label attached to the traditional bathroom industry over the years, it is increasingly out of tune with people's increasing environmental demands and energy conservation advocated by the state. The sanitary ware enterprises that use traditional ceramic materials are still the absolute mainstream of Chinese sanitary ware manufacturing, but it can't be ignored about its environmental pollution, energy consumption, the consumption of land resources.'

Sanitary industry needs to transform

In recent years, some international well-known bathroom companies shifted the production processes to China and other Asian countries, which is actually a manifestation of Western countries' control on the high energy consumption and high pollution industries. The main producing areas of ceramic sanitary products, such as Foshan in Guangdong province is increasing the governance of high energy consumption and high pollution industries, but some areas are still constructing industrial park for the production of low-end bathroom products. China's '12th Five-Year Plan' proposed unit GDP energy consumption down 16% energy saving and emission reduction targets, the requirement will force China sanitary industry to transform.

From a global perspective term, the use of environmentally friendly new materials is an inevitable trend of the bathroom industry. Our country starts late in this regard, the stainless steel sanitary ware in Germany, the acrylic artificial stone bathroom technology in France, Italy and other countries are relatively mature. The good news is that the new bathroom materials are growing at more than 30 percent rate each year.'

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