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[Maintenance of marble countertops] How to maintain marble countertops

by:KingKonree     2021-05-07

Natural marble is a kind of countertop material that is more environmentally friendly, luxurious and high-end, and can serve people for a long time. However, natural marble has some small holes on the surface, so it is necessary to pay more attention to maintenance. Let's learn some maintenance techniques about it.

Is the natural marble countertop good?

Purchasing reference: The length of natural stone cannot be too long, and it is impossible to make it through The long overall countertop is not suitable for the modern trend of pursuing the overall countertop.

Advantages: The texture of natural stone is very beautiful, the texture is hard, the anti-scratch performance is very outstanding, the wear resistance is good; the cost is low, the colors are different, the most commonly used ones are only a few hundred yuan About one meter, it is a kind of economical countertop material. The price of high-end natural stone countertops is also around 1,000 yuan.

Disadvantages: The two pieces of splicing cannot be integrated, and the gap is easy to breed bacteria; the natural stone has a high density and requires strong cabinet support. Although it is more than rigid, it is not flexible enough. Cracks will occur in the event of a heavy blow. It is difficult to repair, and some invisible natural cracks will also rupture when the temperature changes sharply.

Maintenance of natural marble cabinet countertops

1. The characteristic of natural stone is that the surface pores are large, so in the process of use If you encounter any stains or moisture, you should deal with it immediately to prevent the dirt from penetrating into the stone cabinet countertops. Ordinary cleaning can only use clean water or a colorless, neutral and mild cleaning solvent. If you choose a product that is too acid or too alkaline, it may cause damage to the cabinet countertop. Regular use of maintenance wax for maintenance has also become a necessary condition for maintaining the appearance and texture of natural stone cabinet countertops.

2. If there are any stains remaining, it can be wiped with a neutral or weak alkali, weak acid cleaning solvent. If it causes permanent appearance damage, it can be polished again to keep the surface fresh.

3. Regularly use appropriate maintenance fluid for maintenance. For strong stains, cigarette butts burns or a small amount of cuts, you can use sandpaper and water to remove stains or Cut and polish with glazing wax. If you have no experience in this area, you can choose to let a professional to operate it, which can also effectively extend the life and appearance of the cabinet countertop.

4. For daily cleaning, the water stains and a small amount of stains on it can be wiped clean with a damp cloth. For those serious stains or scratches, you can use scouring powder and tea-gua cloth Wipe, this way can effectively maintain the luster of the marble surface.

The last thing to note is: no matter what kind of material is afraid of high temperature corrosion, care should be taken to avoid direct contact between hot pots and hot pots and cabinets during use , It is best to put it on the pot holder; during operation, try to avoid hitting the countertop and door with sharp objects to avoid scratches. You should cut vegetables and prepare food on the cutting board. In addition to avoiding knife marks, it is easier to clean and hygienic; chemical substances have corrosive effects on many materials of the countertop

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