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make a splash: how to turn a dated bathroom into a modern shower room

by:KingKonree     2020-10-24
The refreshing power shower provides much-needed lifting before a long day of commuting and office.
The average London apartment has a moderate area, which means that every inch of land and floor-to-ceiling glass housing helps create the illusion of more space in the bathroom.
Peter Andrews said: \"The trend for homeowners to replace old bathtubs with stylish showers is on the rise,\" who is the head of the bathroom department at one of the London\'s leading plumbing companies, Pimlico Plumber (
7928 8888, plumbing. com).
According to Peter\'s expert advice, here\'s a guide to turning an outdated bathroom into a modern shower space.
Taking plungeThe as an example, the right plumber will provide initial consultation to help you achieve the ideal design while keeping practical elements in mind.
\"We like to talk to homeowners about their way of life.
Where will the shower room be washed before rushing out or retreating?
We then created a CGI for their shower room, \"said Peter.
If CGI does not represent what you want from the space, ask to change it before you are satisfied.
The shower power uses the shower as a central part and checks the water pressure to ensure compatibility.
\"Choose the big shower that your space allows for, which is your luxury,\" Peter said . \".
He also warned websites that sell products at seemingly cheap prices.
\"We often get calls from homeowners who have cheap products installed that are prone to damage or damage to tiles.
Usually fixing damage means starting over, which turns out to be expensive.
\"Mira, a family-run brand owned by the Kohler Group, takes a shower when considering British families.
Designer Simon Browning works with his team to create a \"spa-like\" experience.
The perfect temperature and flow are displayed digitally every time.
Mira vision after the Fed (£842; mirashowers. co. uk)
Simple to use and sit neatly on the wall.
It is high pressure and can be transferred between two outlets (one detachable)
It can be used separately or together.
The Mira 360 shower head uses Flipstream technology and has four different spray modes;
From soft and soothing soaking to a fully moist spray.
There are various shower frame sizes to choose from, but 1600x700 shower tray is allowed if space (£367. 20)
With riser kit (£70. 80).
To create a shower, you need two beam 400mm online panels (£225. 60 each)
And a beam pivot door of 800mm (£396).
Original Style tiles (originalstyle. com)
All kinds of exquisite ceramic tiles are produced.
The Tileworks series is best suited to the modern atmosphere, and the Santa Monica options in the sands series are very smart.
Castelnau tiles (castelnautiles. co. uk)
Shares in Barnes and Kingston range.
Helpful staff (
Ask David Dixon, Barnes\'s store manager, 020 8741 2452)
Samples can be arranged.
Both branches offer fitting services.
In the shower, let the wave teacher create a space for rest;
An excellent way to build extra storage without taking up space.
\"Use tiles of the same color on floors and walls.
The bigger the tiles, the better [
600x300mm working well]
To make the room feel bigger, \"said Jo Gallagher, project manager at Castlenau tiles.
Look for a lighter color for a bright and airy feel.
Hot and coldA large size heated towel rack is desirable.
Stainless steel is smart and easy to take care.
Bisque has a knack for keeping basic household items cool.
Select the Refine PERA option (£550; bisque. co. uk)
And with the matching polishing quiet extraction fan (£217; bisque. co. uk)
Can be mounted on a wall or ceiling.
The compact basin that feels quicksand can still have enough depth and practicality.
\"Go to a basin with single or double drawers and look for another storage solution,\" Peter suggested . \".
Match it to WC and select the wall hanging option to save space.
Reliable brands are sold at reasonable prices in UK bathroom and customer service (01765 694720)
Very helpful.
The team\'s treasure basin (
£ 181, ukbathrooms. com)
And 450mm wall hanging center line vanity unit in glossy white (
£ 444, ukbathrooms. com)
Mixer with Hansgrohe Basin (£75. 83, ukbathrooms. com)
A stylish image.
V & B subway wall-mounted toilet with soft seat (
£ 769, ukbathrooms. com)
Perfect Match.
Go to two when booking delivery-
Men\'s options, items are brought into the property.
Don\'t forget the necessities.
\"Grohe fast SL 2-in-1 cistern set (£330. 42)
And a skating Metropolitan stainless steel double flush wall panel (£131. 13)
WC needs to be accompanied, \"said Peter.
Both can be found on the informative grohe. co. uk website.
You also need a dual voltage shaver socket with stainless steel brush (£20. 70; screwfix. com).
The mirror creates the illusion of greater space with the right mirror.
Peter recommends Chelsea Glass, a sw8 family business.
Commercial customers include the Ritz and four seasons, but the price of the residential project is very reasonable.
It is expected that a mirror of 250x1270mm, including delivery and installation, will pay about 1195mm VAT.
Talk to the electrician about whether you can choose to have no steam.
Call 020 7720 6905 or visitchelseaglass. co. uk.
Check out the lighting store on the Baker Street Stock statement.
Four low-pressure mirror bathroom spotlights (£179. 40;
Light ingstoredirect. co. uk)
Closely connected with mirror, Chrome and stainless steel materials.
Bathroom lotion (Dolos)£23. 99 for 2. 5L; screwfix. com)
Can be used on the ceiling.
When it comes to labor, check if your research is guaranteed, because in the long run, defective work can lead to so many additional costs.
The legal guarantee period should also be checked.
Pimlico Plumbers, for example, usually offer 12 months of service.
The peace of mind that comes with managing a project may be worth the extra cost.
When fixtures and accessories are in place, decorate the room with BHS bronze face resin Tumbler (£8; bhs. co. uk)
Soap Dispenser (£10)
And toilet brush (£20).
Mix white, ivory and nutmeg towels from the 800 GSM supima cotton series soaked and sleep (£10. 50-£25; soakandsleep. com)
Get a Casanova or rhythm bath mat from the abyss and Habidecor series (£198; amara. com).
Bristan 1901 gold-plated robe hook (£21; ukbathrooms. com)adds character.
Then, splash out on a Fornasetti Bacio or Flora candle (£99; liberty. co. uk)
Or work hard and play the hard wall art of Oliver Bonas (
45. Olivier posersco. uk).
In addition, a basket of Ferm Living (£ 62, fermliving. com).
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