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Make shower more comfortable, Deli shower room changes the way Chinese people shower

by:KingKonree     2021-05-08

Bathing is a very common thing. From ancient times to the present, bathing can be developed into a kind of enjoyment, and it is also a major civilization of human development. With the popularity of bath tubs and rain showers, people are The function gradually changes with the improvement of living standards. In addition to simple bathing functions, it can also bring people a comfortable experience. Although the bathtub is comfortable to take in, for the fast-paced urbanites now, the larger bathtub not only takes up space , And it’s inconvenient to take care of, so showering has become a more suitable way for modern urbanites. Shower rooms are still relatively unfamiliar to many people. Even though they were introduced to China in the 1990s, they have gradually become popular with the rise of real estate. Deli shower rooms believe that a good shower room can both The realization of dry and wet separation can bring health and safety to consumers.

However, the threshold of the shower room industry is low. The shower room brands on the market are mixed, and some hardware accessories processing factories can often call themselves shower room brands, but their products do not Larger product technology and safety guarantees, therefore, poor quality, leading to frequent self-destruction of the shower room, causing panic. Many consumers dare not use the shower room through various news reports. This situation not only affects The healthy development of the industry has also led to consumers’ misunderstanding of shower rooms.

The popularization of shower rooms not only requires a change in the concept of the Chinese people, but also depends on quality. Deli shower rooms have been deeply involved in the shower room industry for more than 20 years and have been providing high-end consumers with high-quality customized shower rooms. Service, the technology and quality of the products are like German craftsmen, paying close attention to details, painstakingly researching, forming its own proprietary shower room technology research and development team, and building a larger shower room production line. As the design structure of the shower room affects the safety of the shower room, Deli continues to innovate and develop technology. In response to the actual needs of consumers, it has developed 35 national patented technologies, such as adjustable joint wall materials and phoenix waterproofing Adhesive strips, dust-proof rails, anti-falling hinges, etc. The scientific and reasonable shower room structure ensures the safe installation and use of the shower room, and the shower rooms are made of superior materials, such as BMW grade tempered glass, 304 stainless steel, and aviation grade aluminum. And so on, strictly follow the high EU standards of production control, grasp the details, and allow no defects to appear.

In order to further realize the functionality and aesthetics of shower room products, Deli shower room signed a contract with German Phoenix Design Studio, and cooperated with the international ** industrial design agency to create a more suitable for consumers In order to allow more ordinary consumers to enjoy the high-quality products of Deli, Deli has launched a series of light customized shower rooms, transforming the mass consumer brand from the high-end customization field, and high-quality products with low prices will be The showering life of ordinary people has brought great changes.

In addition, Deli has not only established more than 600 specialty stores in cities across the country, allowing consumers to perceive the quality of products face-to-face, and launched services such as free design, free measurement, free installation, etc., to provide consumers with Come for a better shopping experience. Under the trend of new retail development in the building materials industry, Deli resolutely got on the ship of new retail. Faced with uncertain changes and full of fighting spirit, it opened Tmall flagship stores, JD flagship stores and other online stores, through online and offline channels. Get through and bring consumers a convenient and quick way to shop.

Deli has been committed to bringing consumers a more comfortable shower experience, advocating people to pay attention to healthy and comfortable bathroom life, free from the tedious urban life, and feel a clean and safe shower experience. Housework is tedious and enjoy a better life.

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