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Making the decision to install an additional shower

by:KingKonree     2020-06-06
If you are not using the existing space where the bath tub presently resides then the location of the new shower must facilitate the plumbing in order to leverage adequate water flow and waste, otherwise the project becomes two folded as new pipes will have to be installed and routed. Selecting the right shower tray Depending on available space and budget there are numerous shower enclosure and shower tray options to choose from. Shower trays come in an array of dimensions from square, rectangular and quadrant for corner units with coinciding shower enclosures to ensure conformity in the bathroom. Purchasing a shower tray made from acrylic filled with heavy weight stone cast resin is one of the best choices, since they are durable and quality produced these trays are free from shrinkage and cracking. Their practical design offers a skid resistance base and provides ample standing room when showering. Water drainage from the shower tray should also be taken into account at the design stage since the shower tray sits at floor level means the waste hole will need to be recessed. To make the installation less labor intensive it is recommended that you either seek the advice of a professional or hire a contractor to install the primary plumbing. Keeping in mind when it comes to installing the shower tray it is always best to fit the shower tray first before purchasing the shower enclosure since tiles and sealants can alter the size of the shower tray. Furthermore, never comprise value and quality when it comes to sealing the shower tray. It is extremely crucial to use a watertight sealant around the shower tray; improper application of silicone sealant may cause your shower to leak causing extensive water damage in the bathroom. Also, depending where the shower is located, water can seep through the floor, destroying the ceiling to the room situated below the shower unit which could lead to expensive repairs. Installing the shower enclosure Once the shower tray has been installed only then should you choose a matching shower enclosure. Today's top trends in shower enclosures are easy to maintain frameless glass designs and since there is no frame there is less chance of lime scale or dirt build up in these styles of enclosures. Prior to selecting the shower enclosure, make sure proper measurements haven been take to allow for the additional height of the shower tray to balance out with ceiling space, this is extremely important especially if your have a low ceiling. Before the actual installation of the shower enclosure, carefully examine it for solid construction, placing the enclosure on the tray only to later find out there may be design flaws in the unit will lead to double duty and frustration. Testing the enclosure for leaks is suggested, according to shower manufacturers, spay bottle testing is one of the best methods to test for leaks. By simply spraying between the glass and the adjoining frames will determine if in fact there are any water leaks, at which time the unit is returned in exchange for a new one, preventive measures prevent additional work. Written by Shelley Murphy on behalf of www.victoriaplumb.com an online retailer of bathroom furniture, steam showers, shower enclosures, whirlpool spa baths and bath related products serving the United Kingdom.
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