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Making the most of your space with a Phoenix bathroom

by:KingKonree     2020-09-14

The following ideas may help you define your Phoenix bathroom remodeling project:


Adding more natural light always makes a room feel bigger. To get a sense of more spaciousness, think about incorporating a skylight or adding a new window. You can also enlarge an existing window.

Replacing your existing lighting features is another option. Not only will new fixtures add more interest, but you can strategically place them to enhance your existing space. For example, you want to think carefully about how natural light permeates your bathroom. Then, use high-quality lighting for areas natural light won't reach.

Other techniques to make a bathroom look bigger include using mirrors and lighter color surfaces to help reflect light.

Sinks and Toilets

You don't want a sink or toilet to overpower your existing space. The smaller your sink and toilet while still providing the necessary function, the better for your Phoenix bathroom remodeling project. Look for products that have been designed specifically for small spaces. Or, try a corner sink, a pedestal sink, a vessel design or hang the sink from the wall. Creative options abound for maximizing your existing bathroom space.

Baths and Showers

Just like with sinks and toilets, your Phoenix bathroom remodeling project can incorporate baths and showers designed specifically for small spaces. Think about selecting a tub with more depth rather than width. You'll get the same effect from your bath.

Showers with glass enclosures are not only beautiful, but make a bathroom appear larger. The trick with a Phoenix bathroom remodeling project is to create an unbroken visual space from one wall to the other. So, get rid of your shower curtain!


To get adequate storage, you don't necessarily need a large vanity or closet in your bathroom. Instead, think of using vertical space. In other words, incorporating taller and narrower shelves preserve floor space. You can even hang glass storage shelves from the wall to free up even more floor space.

Creating storage is often the most crucial part of a Phoenix bathroom remodeling project. So, you really need to get creative to achieve the best results. Look at space that's not typically used in your bathroom, such as upper walls. Then, seek out ways to integrate shelves or other storage areas in this unused space.

Another option that makes perfect sense is to consider in-wall storage. During a Phoenix bathroom remodel, you can add storage inside the walls between studs. Above a toilet, on an empty wall or even in the shower, you can add shelving inside walls for extra storage. This technique also adds dimension to your overall design.

Remember these basic concepts: use natural and artificial lighting strategically, free up as much floor space space as possible, and use glass and mirrors where practical. Once you have narrowed down design ideas for your Phoenix bathroom remodeling project, you can talk with a professional contractor. Using a reputable, experienced contractor will translate your ideas to reality. You'll have a beautiful and more functional bathroom for many years to come.

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