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Many young people like to watch films online,

by:KingKonree     2020-09-24

Toshiba P700-T01B: It is mainly located in the entertainment applications. Core i5 2410M, NVIDIA GeForce GT525M graphics card and 640GB hard drive capacity could not only meet the entertainment needs, but also give enough supports for users on the daily office. The body shell is handled with special artistic texture, and the combination with edge of piano feeling surface shows the eye-catching visual effect. This combination also improves the abrasive ability of the computer. Keyboard area adopts the popular Chocolate design, with a large gap between the buttons. You can feel moderate in the actual use.

From the practical point of view, the interfaces of USB3.0 and HDMI are sufficient to meet the needs of most users in practical applications. The Dolby sound system and Harman Kardon speakers increase the overall highly entertaining degree. But, the mirror screen design is easy to reflect light. Although the notebook body is 14 inches, it is also recommended to people.

Dell XPS15: The workmanship, materials and mold design not only have outstanding entertainment performance, but also have more breakthroughs on the heat dissipation, power supply and engine base strength. Especially in the aspect of application experience, the higher color saturation and professional sound system provides more ideal solution for people who are seeking high performance on high-definition entertainment and 3D processing. In the aspects of appearance design and materials, it adopts metal materials to prevent hammering and protect screen.

The second-generation Intel Core Duo processor, equipped with a USB3.0 interface, equipped with blue laser drive and three-color LED display make it popular among young people. The two high-speed transmission interfaces of USB3.0 and eSATA could satisfy the data transmission speed requirements of different users. The blue laser CD driver equipped in it enables users to backup data by blue laser disk. The most outstanding point is the three-color backlight IED technology, which is incomparable with other common screens.

I think you could consider the above two ones if you think of purchasing a notebook computer of strong function on audio system.

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