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Marble countertop manufacturer Marble countertop brand

by:KingKonree     2021-04-24

  Marble countertop is one of the countertops. It is a countertop material that is more popular with consumers. It is not only exquisite in appearance, but also more practical. There are many marble countertops on the market, so marble Which countertop manufacturer is better? What are the better brands of marble countertops? Let's take a look at it together.

  Marble countertop manufacturer marble countertop brand

   Corian (reference price: 1500-3500)

   is from DuPont, USA DuPont is one of the “four kings” of the world’s chemical industry. It is the inventor and pioneer of artificial stone. The development history of the world’s artificial stone industry is basically the history of the promotion of Corian. From the early popularization of pure acrylic knowledge, When consumers talked about artificial stone, they mentioned acrylic. Later, when corrugated sheets and translucent sheets were introduced, Corian was the first mover. In developed countries such as Europe and the United States, Corian stands out, but in China only high-end consumer groups can accept it.

  Xingrong (Reference price: 1000-2100)

   is from South Korea’s Samsung. Many people only know about Samsung Electronics, but they didn’t expect Samsung to make artificial stone. In fact, it’s in South Korea. It’s an economic symbol, and it’s everywhere. From news and newspapers, to hospitals and hotels, to electronic machinery, all aspects of Korean life are related to Samsung, so we don’t have to be surprised that Samsung Electronics and Samsung Electronics are the same? Relying on the appeal of the Samsung brand, it has been recognized all over the world.

  Haomeis (reference price: 1400-1900)

   is from South Korea’s LG company, which is similar to the development of Sanxingxingrong, so we can’t Don't admire the history of Koreans doing business, unite together to build a brand, and then enjoy the cool under the big tree, and give birth to many sub-brands, the Sun brand.

  Di Meiyue

   Which is the best brand of marble dining table with high quality and low price? This Dimeiyue marble table brand is the most cost-effective marble table brand obtained by the editor after various price comparisons. Dimeiyue marble table brand is our largest e-commerce O2O platform in China-Meilele Furniture Network and Hong Kong Yaobang Furniture Group A cheap furniture enterprise built. The style of this marble dining table brand is mainly modern and simple. The marble with natural patterns does not need extra decoration to set off. The simple ink painting pattern can make us have a pleasant dining time.

  Caesar Plaza

   What should I do if I like traditional European style furniture and want a marble dining table? The editor recommends you to buy Caesar Plaza marble table brand. Everyone should know that now the mainstream style of marble dining table is to use marble as a countertop. This Caesars Luxury marble dining table brand is to apply this style to the ultimate marble dining table brand. The Caesar Haoting marble dining table brand perfectly combines the traditional European style furniture style with the new Chinese style furniture style, and adopts assembly line batch operation, so that every consumer group can enjoy pure European style furniture.

  Quanyou Furniture

  Quanyou marble table brand is a local furniture brand in Sichuan. With its superior geographical location, Quanyou Furniture Marble Table Brand All raw materials are from Yunnan. This marble dining table brand was established in 1986. After more than 30 years of development, the Quanyou marble dining table brand has become the largest panel furniture manufacturer in the country. The company's suite furniture, customized wardrobes, etc. have entered tens of millions of Chinese households. While developing the domestic furniture market, this marble table brand is also striving to expand overseas markets. Now, Quanyou marble table brand products have been sold in more than 10 countries in Europe, America, Southeast Asia and other countries.

  Universal UMGG (Universal Marble (Dongguan) Co., Ltd.)

  (400-876-1986,0769-85544338, started in 1986, Guangdong Province Famous Brand Product, Guangdong Province Famous trademark, high-end stone supplier materials, Universal Stone (Dongguan) Co., Ltd.)

  XISHI (Xishi Group Development Co., Ltd.)

  (400-0666969,0595-86812389, high-tech enterprise, famous trademark in Fujian Province, leading enterprise in the stone industry, vice chairman unit of China Stone Industry Association, Xishi Group Development Co., Ltd.)

Phoenix Mountain

   (Fujian famous brand, Fujian famous brand, one of the most competitive well-known enterprises in the marble industry, Fujian Fengshan Stone Group Co., Ltd.)


   (one of the largest private enterprises in China's stone industry, member of China Building Decoration Association, top ten stone brand, Xiamen Wanlishi Co., Ltd.)


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