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Marble is a very exclusive countertop often found

by:KingKonree     2020-06-24
The process of making marble consists of overlying weight and pressure from crystals and heat found in the earth's core to generate high temperatures. There are several textures of marbles that come in different forms, sizes and uniforms of grains. The color found in marble is comprised of chemical finishing process after the marble was mined. All tiny pieces that create a marble countertop surfaces is unique in its own way. The beauty in marble countertops is that they are made from the natural stone. The natural elements ensure no scratches or cracks that may occur when doing any kind of food preparation. It is a durable natural material that also is protected against high temperatures that may cause burning and/or fire. Always protect the marble surface in case to avoid added damages by placing a pot holder between the countertop and a hot surface of a cooking pot. The only time marble is truly going to crack is due to natural disasters such as tornados and earthquakes; causing debris and other heavy materials to land or crash on its plane. Marble is usually a surface that is typically thick in terms of its weight and size. The thick areas allow the surface to be a bit rigid. This countertop surfaces comes in two primarily basic functions including a polished marble surface. This finish is used in low trafficked surfaces because acidic foods can tarnish the beauty. The finish that is the most popular marble comes in a honed finish, which is most fitting for countertops and coasters because the top is protected from the any damage. When in the market for marble countertops for kitchen surfaces, homeowners must keep in mind that it is not as hard as a comparable surface such as granite. Granite countertops have a harder surface but also is very porous and can stain over time. Marble is a very solid surface and normally used in an upscale modern home. If homeowners are looking to have more intricate design and customization with a sophisticated style but unable to afford this surfaces, they should opt to purchase small marble tiles for backsplash accents or special boarders. Many countertop surfaces last for about 70 years but are most susceptible to developing cracks early on. Marble countertops, however, can last much longer. After a few more years, perhaps an additional 20 years, the natural surface may start to deteriorate.
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