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Marketing planning of the ceramic industry compared

by:KingKonree     2020-09-07

In recent years, ceramic sanitary ware industry in marketing really doing a great job, star marketing, microblogging marketing, sports marketing high marks respondents continue to hit the papers. Celebrity endorsements, the microblogging camp promotion and other marketing tools still in operation time, ushered in the Olympic event every four years after the Beijing Olympics and Asian Games in Guangzhou, a variety of successful sports marketing to encourage more ceramic bathroom companies invariably plays a game of sports marketing. Different interests, different games are played, so crowded 2012 ceramic sanitary ware industry, sports marketing has become the largest hot words. Sports marketing, there are multiple options, in order to become the ultimate player may have to continue exploration and research. Final, which the player will be the biggest winner, it also requires the market to the ultimate test.

Play: investment pay enough attention to - sports stars stand suction eye

On behalf of players: Frank bathroom, the Louis Valentino tileInvited gymnastics champion Yang Wei during this year's Shanghai Kitchen & Bath Show, Frank bathroom for their booth, in the absence of big exhibition site which attracts a lot to watch the eye. Louis Valentino tiles also invited Olympic diving champion Hu Jia as Chongqing flagship store opened in the booth.Is actually more like the star of such sports marketing, marketing, with the popularity of sports stars in a short period of time attract the eye of the customers, the promotional activities of the terminal or short-term stimulating effect is more obvious, but limited to activities influence, such players can only the operator of sports marketing junior players, unable to cope with the wider end markets and brand communication, sports marketing parties to the strength needed to upgrade.

Play: the title game a strong multi-faceted implantedPlayer combat record:In 2010, the Nobel tiles buyout Super Hangzhou Greentown, a three-year naming rights;In 2010, Jiajun Ceramics sponsored Guangzhou Hengda soccer team;2011, L & D Ceramics exclusive naming the 2011-2012 Chinese Women Basketball LeagueIn 2012, Shun-hui tile sponsor the 2011-2012 season, CBA Basketball LeagueIn 2012, Faenza title FIVB World Grand Prix Foshan station

Compared to the primary players, these ceramic sanitary ware business in capital investment is even more atmospheric vigorous, more impressive. Ceramic sanitary ware as attention products, sports marketing through the spread of events, can be achieved quickly enhance and expand brand awareness and reputation effects, and other honors, title influential game even more authority. To promote the brand promotion, has a good positive role in the terminal.Kind of sports marketing investment is relatively large, a game or a league, a little influence of the named fee will not be less than one million, if the company did not plan how to sports marketing and corporate brand culture linked just thinking about the larger side of the sport to catch will be able to get results, so players risk.

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