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Meet Friedemann Weinhardt: Award-winning designer is not swayed by trends

by:KingKonree     2020-03-16
When interior designer Friedemann Weinhardt won the coveted designer of the Year award at this year\'s greater Ottawa House Builders Association gala, he said the award will never grow old.
This is because the man, known for his fashion, modern kitchen and bathroom, has collected more than 100 awards from various organizations over 30 years. year career.
This was his first year of working in this category.
\"It\'s really a pleasure to receive feedback from our industry.
Happy to win (the award)
First time out of the gate.
\"As a draftsman and furniture designer, the creative spark of Winhart began to sprout in the early days.
After a brief sale of cabinets at a kitchen design company, he launched his own company, design First designers, in 1986.
Located in Westboro, Weinhardt specializes in kitchens and bathrooms, as well as complete residential and additional facilities.
The biggest development in the industry, he said, is to provide customers with a variety of finishes and appliances.
\"In the early days, if you had a built-in
Refrigerator and Jenn-
This is a big deal for kitchen design.
Now the cabinets and countertops in the kitchen are well over budget.
You name it and you can have whatever you want.
Everything, fridge, oven has WiFi connection so it changed everything.
\"When working with customers, he encourages them to choose materials that suit their personal style and not be influenced by trends.
In order to bring space to life, Winhart sat on his drafting desk with a blank sheet of paper and a creative process --
He called it \"stimulus\"begins.
\"It\'s really a wonderful feeling because anything can happen.
You really don\'t know where it\'s going right away.
So the cool thing about design is that it does have an evolutionary process.
\"This passion has earned Weinhardt the designer of the year and the best custom bathroom design of 100 square feet. ft. or less (
With RND structure).
Blind trials involve about a dozen industry experts from all over the country who have carefully studied hundreds of submissions.
The judges considered the entry package.
Including written bios and client recommendation-
And the overall score of the entry items.
Winhart has also been shortlisted for four other games this year.
His award-winning bathroom design is called \"New Tradition \". The elegant master bathroom comes with a full-height glass shower with a custom soap and shampoo niche with miniature mosaic tiles that complement the classic black and white marble floor tiles.
Set up a deep soaking tub on a partially frosted window.
An oversized mirror, which seems to float on a double basin vanity, has a tissue dispenser niche that saves space around the toilet.
\"This is a small bathroom in a classic style.
We tried to push the envelope away.
If you notice, the side panel of the cabinet is marble.
At first, the marble supplier said no, we can\'t do this . . . . . . But I said why don\'t you try it.
Winhart\'s success has now surpassed the capital.
This year is his second time to judge the SubZero Wolf global design contest, where he has the opportunity to comment on some of the best designs in the world and award Awards at the dazzling gala in San Diego, California.
He also expanded his business to the Caribbean and is currently working with apartment developers in the Cayman Islands.
Locally, he is designing a beautiful expansion project for his Westboro showroom, which includes a new customer \"live\" kitchen and special events.
It is expected to open this spring.
\"We are the agent for Miele, so every six months we do Miele training for customers who have Miele appliances.
We will bring them in and make dinner for them. clients will)
Learn more about how to use their appliances.
For other events, we will invite media, designers, architects to show what we have because who doesn\'t like the kitchen party once Weinhardt doesn\'t support the trend \".
Here are some pictures of him.
Design features and some are considered on the road.
\"I like neutral colors, white is my standard cabinet color, we don\'t use different colors in bathroom cabinets very often . . . . . . I prefer matte finish.
\"For a really clean, modern design, the hidden device is good.
There can be a range hood built in the cabinet . . . . . . But none of them (
I came up with a fully integrated oven . . . . . . So I \'ve been making pocket doors to hide my oven this way.
So I open a door and put it back in the slot and I can see my whole oven Tower at once.
So it will be a coffee machine, microwave and oven, all in a tower, I can turn it off when I run out, it\'s a very beautiful sculpture wall.
Mr. Winhart said he preferred to use Kelian because it was \"not made by machines \".
\"This is done by hand, not as cold as quartz or marble.
It is warm, but it has a more sensual quality.
It feels really good. It’s self-servicing.
There\'s a slight scratch if you wipe it (the scratch)
It will disappear.
The seams are subtle and you can\'t see them at all.
Although he designed two fair shares
He is ready to move on. “Two-
The hue kitchen is a bit on the road and I\'m at the point where I don\'t want to do two things
Because the kitchen has been over-decorated for 10 years . . . . . . I think you can do more interesting work to keep the cabinet simple with a color (island).
\"Although the barn board is a must --
Weinhardt never used recycled wood for his project when designing rustic chic finishes.
\"Barn boards have been very popular for a while and I have never used them.
I know it\'s going to be a fashion and I think it\'s over in terms of the look.
I don\'t like trends, I like to stay in classical design and do something of value.
Custom Kitchen (181 to 240 sq. ft. )
-Modern style: FinalistCustom kitchen (241 sq. ft. or more)
-Contemporary $75,001 and above: bathroom FinalistCustom (100 sq. ft. or less)– Traditional (
Building with RND: bathroom with WinnerCustom (100 sq. fe. or less)
-Contemporary (
With RND structure)
: Private bathroom (101 sq. ft. or more)
-Modern style: FinalistSpecial fruit Award: Friedman Weinhardt, design.
Ontario residential builders 2016 outstanding kitchen decoration award the most outstanding bathroom decoration award weinhardt won the SubZero Wolf global design competition in the second year.
National Association of kitchens and bathrooms, first classic kitchen/traditional kitchen (over $30,000)
, Second/traditional baths (over $15,000)
Second temporary/modern bathroom (under $15,000)
Second temporary/modern bathroom (over $15,000)
Second place Weinhardt is invited to participate in the SubZero Wolf global design competition, the jury of the famous global kitchen design competition, \"the best \".
National Kitchen and Bathroom Association Award: small kitchen category, first flat kitchen category, second flat bathroom category, first flat bathroom category, second flat bathroom category, first best kitchen design competition, second PlaceSubZero Wolf best kitchen design competition, global champion, second place in custom home design
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