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Mirrors have become an integral part of our home

by:KingKonree     2020-09-28

There are numerous stylish and elegant designs of bathroom mirrors to choose from. You can find them in many shapes like rectangular, oval and round. Some are frame-less types while there are some mirrors that come with intricate designs on the frame. There are modern types of mirrors like LED mirrors, illuminated infinity mirrors and plain standard mirrors to choose from. Normally people choose standard designs and shapes for a particular available space, but you can experiment with different styles to add class to your bathroom.

While buying any type, it is important to take care that it complements the rest of the bathroom decor completely. For instance, if your current bathroom already features traditional furniture or theme, then you can think of buying mirrors that make use of a pine frame. And, if your current theme is ultra modern then think of buying something more stylish and modern as wooden or pine frames will not go with the rest of the theme.

Apart from these, space and lighting also plays a great role. Make sure you place the bathroom mirror exactly in front of the window. This will make your bathroom look more spacious and brighter. If there is no window in your bathroom then, place it below or opposite to any light for illuminating effects. Proper light is needed if you are looking for functional and not decorative mirrors.

You can also choose to brighten your space with a lighted wall mirror. They are gaining popularity as they are ideal for grooming, applying make-up and for shaving purposes. It is basically a frame-less mirror with eight halogen lights featured along the sides. These bulbs give a clear lighting and perfect reflection, which most people find beautiful in a modern bath space. Another type of popular mirror is the one with a raised diamond trim at the edges. It is very stylish and cannot go unnoticed by any of your guests. You can also choose theme based colors in the side panel diamonds to match up the entire space.

There are many ways of hanging them too. Not just the bathroom, but in the overall interior of your house you can hang them vertically or horizontally for a different touch.

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