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Motorcycle sports are popular in many parts of the world

by:KingKonree     2020-09-24

In track racing, there are several teams or individuals involved and are racing around an oval track. A grass track is one of the variations but it is mostly held on cemented or asphalted roads. In a rally sport, racing is done in public roads with checkpoints and traffic laws to consider. Since it uses public roads, there are announcements given in advance to the public that certain streets will be closed for a certain event. In other instances, the sport only occupies and closes one lane for the race, while the rest of the road can still be plied on.

Motorcycles are not that cheap so think carefully before buying one. There are so many models to choose from but always check your personal budget. Consider your needs and preferences. Some may use it only as a means of transportation. If for sports, you might need one with higher specifications. Include in your budget some useful accessories like motorcycle seats and wheels. These accessories add safety to your ride. A crash guard protects or supports the legs when a bike falls. Extra hand grips can protect hands from freezing. It also prevents hands from numbness and fatigue.

Rear view mirrors must be of high quality and concave. Other mirrors include LED mirror lights integrated with the turn signals. Some also offer blind spot mirrors, useable when changing lanes. Chain guards are used to prolong chain and sprocket life. Drive chains and sprockets are the most expensive wear items. Saddle bags keep your belongings secured during your ride. The best kinds are lockable, bike specific, and with built-in durable liner. Some are metal frame reinforced to prevent sagging. They are easy to detach with their quick release buckles.

Helmet is one of the most essential accessories. It doesn't only protect the head, it also has added features like: face shield, ventilation, intercom and ear protection. There are five types of motorcycle helmets: full face, off road, modular, open face and half helmet. The full face is the most protective. It particularly protects the chin bar area which is the major affected part in most crash incidents. A side stand supports the weight of the motorcycle when parked. Some are sensitive and kill the engine when transmission is out. Others offer position detecting device. It is equipped with an auxiliary wheel associated by the clutch lever of the motorcycle.

Riding a motorcycle can be quite dangerous, especially when joining motorcycles races. So always wear protective gears, even if you are just a passenger.

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