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My girlfriends are envious when I look at it! If the bathroom becomes a dressing room, it is enough to install a mirror cabinet!

by:KingKonree     2021-10-26
My girlfriends are envious when I look at it! If the bathroom becomes a dressing room, it is enough to install a mirror cabinet! Girls want to have a full-featured dressing room. Every morning, in front of the mirror, draw delicate eyeliner and put on beautiful lipstick before going out. However, if the bathroom storage space is insufficient and you need to run back and forth between the room and bathroom with cosmetics, it will be a waste of time. How to create a 'everybody loves' mirror cabinet makeup area? Ou Xiaowei will help you! Frequently Asked Questions about Separation of Dry and Wet in the Makeup Area 01 Dry and wet are not separated. Normal skin care products are stacked on the sink. Even if there is a cabinet under the wash basin, but the cabinet is damp, and skin care products and cosmetics that are in direct contact with the skin are prone to breed bacteria. Ou Xiaowei's small tips: Use mirror cabinets to increase storage space. Take a 500ml bottle as an example. The 3-layer 100cm wide mirror cabinet rack can hold about 38 bottles of skin care products. The mirror cabinet moves the items upwards, which can 'free up' the space of the sink, which has the effect of separating dry and wet. Bottles and cans are no longer afraid of getting wet or moldy on the bottom of the sink. The makeup area should be bright. Common problems 02 The light is not strong. The lighting of the bathroom mainly depends on the central ceiling light. Install the central ceiling light of the bathroom, the light is struck down from the height behind, the face is completely backlit, leaving only the 'shadow area' on the face. Most single-mirror downlights above the top of the head cast overlapping shadows under the brow bones, nose, and lips, and facial details are still blurred when applying makeup. Ou Xiaowei's small tips: Built-in LED light strips on both sides and around the mirror cabinet, or customized smart mirrors with built-in lighting system, can effectively improve the lighting effect of the makeup area. The distance between the two lamps should be about 50cm, which is exactly the width when a person is standing. The warm white light is not dazzling, and the details can be illuminated during makeup. No longer afraid of the blush painted into plateau red. Embed lights in the mirror cabinet and increase the lighting inside the mirror cabinet, so that you can see more clearly when you take things. The classification of items in the makeup area should be reasonable
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