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new plumbing: be wary of the installation part 4

by:KingKonree     2020-10-20
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When plumbers come to a home where plumbers don\'t make mistakes, most of us don\'t think of it.
Then you\'re wrong.
Here are some information that benefits better control and the need to be cautious about certain issues.
Before the plumber comes in, you should discuss all the plumbing issues related to the blueprint with the contractor.
Remember, you do have a choice.
You talk about the color of the toilet.
You may want your spouse to join this conversation.
Flush the water correctly when selecting the toilet.
Read my article why my toilet is not flush.
Caution against water problems and cheap toilets.
Make sure your bathroom is the right size.
Our main bathroom is designed with a shower and bathtub.
I redesigned the blueprint to increase the size and accommodate an average of five (5)
Bathtub and shower.
The blueprint shows two. 2)
Full bathroom and 2 (2)half (1/2)baths.
I redesigned one. 1)
The second half (1/2)
The bathroom is located in the mud room opposite the washer and dryer.
I created a pantry that provides spacing between the shelves and freezers.
This is the neat thing I do.
I told my contractor to hang the pocket door instead of the regular door for the pantry and bathroom.
My reasoning is double.
Putting doors into the room could damage the walls.
If the door swings outward, it may block the person in the corridor or hit him when someone walks out.
The pocket door slides into the wall.
It is functionally logical because you only need privacy.
I don\'t recommend cheap vinyl folding doors but be sure to buy a good one-
It may even stop your child from locking you out, just kidding.
Also, I believe they may be cheaper in cost. Photo 1 -
There is an idea that most people don\'t consider, that is, use more shut-off valves.
Many of you are very familiar with what plumbers call gate valves (See Photo 1).
If you used to live in an old house in the early 20 th century, you should not be surprised how much rust will rust over time.
When a water disaster happens, it\'s not easy to shut them down.
I solved the problem.
I asked the plumber to replace the gate valve with a ball valve as much as possible (See Photo 2).
The contractor could not find the huge ball valve for the main shutdown, but I asked him to have the plumber put the ball valve in a strategic position for each line (hot and cold)
Go to the place below: bathroom toilet bathroom sinksKitchen sinkdishwasherkeep washing machine outside the water heater and use ball valve instead of gate valve independent shower will help you before and after it2)ways.
The first one is to reduce almost no leakage and better rust prevention.
I believe there are manufacturers who believe their gate valves are first class, but I would rather close the ball valve perpendicular to the water pipe in one valve (1)
Flick the wrist quickly instead of turning the gate valve all the time until close.
You should never let the gate valve go all the way to the end.
It may be caught in that state. Photo 2 -
If you have a ball valve, your ball valve will be somewhere in the basement.
Those who don\'t have a basement, you have to design a location for a separate passage.
Under all sinks and toilets, there are plastic hoses or metal reinforced hoses with small oval gate valves.
Pressure fittings are usually used to connect these lines.
This means not to sweat or weld them to the copper line.
One advantage of using a ball valve is that you can just close one (1)
A small part of the house, don\'t worry about closing the main valve of the whole house.
Outside your home, you may want a faucet for whatever purpose you choose.
You should have one in front, one in the back, maybe one on the side of the house.
It is convenient to work outdoors.
Please note that the plumber accidentally switched the hot and cold water line.
I already saw it.
Let\'s discuss the bugs and bugs I found and how you should handle them.
Check the water into the home\'s main valve.
I didn\'t notice it, but when the water inspector arrived, he didn\'t understand why the water meter outside was not moving.
When he finally knocked on the door, we all went downstairs and saw the plumber install the water meter back, so there was no water registration outside.
It must change.
I was lucky not to charge for this mistake.
The next question really surprised me.
I came in to see how the plumbing works, and when I saw a plumber sweating a copper tube in a mud house for a utility sink (See Photo 3).
I stopped this young guy and expressed my disappointment and I may add that I am not very friendly.
I told him that he had made a terrible mistake.
When he was burning the copper pipe, he accidentally scorched the PVC drain pipe used in the sink.
If it is not corrected, most people do not know what the consequences will be.
Like all plastic and rubber products, PVC has a certain flexibility, called plasticizer.
The plasticizer is a softener, booster, and lubricant.
The plasticizer actually puts itself between the polymer chains so that it allows space for the polymer to make the product flexible.
However, the more plasticizer, the lower the bending temperature, the lower the strength and hardness of the plastic.
Eventually over time, the plasticizer
Depending on the situation, the gas or evaporation.
The smell of the new car is from the plasticizer-
All vinyl, plastic and rubber gases in the car.
A good example is the tires on your car.
The elaboration on seasonal climate change, even from the heat and cooling of the road, you may start to notice that your tires are starting to break.
One way to prevent cracking is to treat hydrocarbons (lubricant)
Back in the tire.
You \'ve seen how car stores sell these spray cans to make your tires look shiny.
Not just for appearance.
It actually restored the vitality of the plasticizer and extended the life of the tire (
Don\'t forget to make both sides of the tire).
Now that you have an explanation, I will explain the plumbing issue.
The area burned was caused.
Release the gas from the PVC drain to the extreme.
The drain pipe has a position that no longer bends with different water temperatures like the rest of the PVC pipe.
Over time, the hardened part breaks because there is no elastic pressure, and every time I use the sink, I have water leaking through the drywall.
All the plumber has to do is put a shield behind the copper pipe (as required)
Everything will be fine.
My plumber explained it and asked him to replace the PVC drain.
He is not very happy.
His haste and lack of understanding are the causes of this causal relationship. Photo 3 -
The last mistake was not the fault of the plumber, but the laziness of the gardener.
When my home was almost finished, the gardeners came.
They graded and planted the ground and so on.
My hose and reel sit outside and the socket at the back is not connected.
When the landscape designer finished, he used my hose to cover the grass seeds with straw and then watered them.
I didn\'t know we were both working and he used the hose.
He left the hose on the tap.
That night, as it was close to the end of November, the water in the dragon head canal froze and burst.
It got wet from the drywall in my small office and continued to drain water into my basement.
I was very angry when I found out where the problem started.
I had to call my contractor since he promised the job.
The gardener is a subcontractor he employs.
Just then I asked him to fix the drywall and have a plumber come back and install ball valves in the basement for all the taps outside.
Now, I can cut off the water supply and turn on the tap in the winter.
You stopped the pipeline from bursting in the future.
Now you know how to prevent the same problem. I have two (2)
Other advice from your family.
You may want to invest in the reverse osmosis system by placing a small device under the sink.
The good thing is that you can get distilled water through this process.
If you ask why you are in trouble, you may want to know that it is beneficial to use the water of the reverse osmosis system.
For example, you can use the water in the coffee machine.
No chemicals in the water can clog your coffee machine and you don\'t have to clean it all the time.
It even makes your coffee taste better, including cooking the food you cook.
And the whole house if you choose.
There is a major energy saving device that can save you water and electricity.
This is a whole tank-free instant hot water unit.
This unit replaces your water heater.
It only works when you turn on any hot water faucet.
The good thing is that this unit can handle all hot water areas when all your hot water areas are used at the same time.
You will never leave hot water.
There are many manufacturers, one of which is linnai®.
You can read all the information about these units on the Internet and decide the size that suits your needs.
When the accumulated sediment eventually shortens its life, you will not have more electrical components to replace or have to purchase a new water heater.
Savings in electricity or gas (
If you have gas water heater)is outstanding.
Your abilities will become more effective as you learn.
Experience is so valuable.
The next series will be heating and cooling.
So go ahead and check your blueprint carefully.
Try to keep one-
One step earlier than disaster
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