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Not enough thought is given to the countertops

by:KingKonree     2020-06-30
The first consideration that should be made when designing a real working kitchen is the countertops. Do you want countertops that will allow you to work efficiently or counters that will have you adding extra steps into the cooking process and placing needless accessories into your new cabinets? Choosing a surface like granite or quartz countertops will save you time, money, and energy in the kitchen. If you cut the budget and decide to buy a countertop like plastic laminate or solid surface you'll regret that decision for the next twenty years. With a natural stone counter like granite or quartz you won't have to buy cutting boards for your kitchen. You'll be able to slice and dice your vegetables right on the surface. Your knives will dull before you'll be able to scratch the counter. If you hate having to use trivets or search around for an extra pot holder every time that you want to pull a hot pot out of the oven than you'll love natural stone. You can take hot lasagna right out of the oven and place it right on the countertop. It's a little unnerving the first time that you pull a pan out of a 350 degree oven and put it right on the counter. Try it once; you'll be amazed that the countertop looks just as good when you remove the hot pan from it. Not only does natural stone work better in the kitchen than countertops like plastic laminate and solid surface, but they make a statement too. They are absolutely beautiful and your house guests will notice them the moment that they walk in the room. Your color choices are only limited by your imagination. Quartz countertops are available in nearly every color that is made by nature, and even more colors that are not. There are so many brands to choose from like silestone countertops and caesarstone countertops, each with their own custom color palettes. With granite counters you can get natural color variations and veining that is only available with natural stone. Go to your local stone yard and check out the options. You'll find row after row of beautiful stone slabs that can be custom cut to fit into any kitchen.
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