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by:KingKonree     2020-08-26

Moisture can be a problem in any climate, but in humid, wet or even damp areas of the country, it becomes a bigger problem. If you live in humid or moist areas, you should always be on the lookout for mold and mildew. This could lead to wood rot and of course oxidation if metal is involved.

Bathroom ceiling moisture bad situation usually arise from more than one person using the bathroom on a daily basis. For example if you have five people living in a house with one bathroom and each one of these people, shower daily, for approximately 10 minutes using warm water, you could have a serious moisture problem eventually. This is the most common problem when you see a damaged bathroom ceiling.

While working on a bathroom remodel in Carlsbad, I explained to the land lord that they had a problem with their bathroom ceiling because of the moisture, from the steam, while taking a warm shower. The homeowner was convinced, because I'm an expert contractor with over 30 years of experience but that wasn't the actual cause of the ceiling damage. As I removed the drywall, I could see the moisture was coming from the roofing.

The moisture was coming from the top of the roof, otherwise known as the roof ridge and I was shocked. Not only was I wrong with my original evaluation of the bathroom ceiling problem but now had to tell the homeowner of my error and show him what the problem really was.

The point I'm trying to make in this article, is that sometimes we continue a logical reason to a problem the same to the bathroom ceiling moisture, only to find out that it was something else. As a contractor, try to make a habit of explaining to your clients during the estimate, that this is only your best guess and informed them that only after you remove the damage, will you be able to come to a conclusion.

Evaluating home problems is not an exact science and only as you gain experience will your skill increase. I have found ebooks and blogs to be an invaluable resource for advancing my education in the construction business.

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