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Once you have purchased a shower enclosure, it

by:KingKonree     2020-06-04
General Checks for your Enclosure Height, Shape, & Size The shower enclosure comes in many different shapes; quadrants, squares, rectangles and oblongs. Don't clog up your bathroom and make it claustrophobic, choose a shower enclosure which will give you the feeling of space while you are enjoying your shower, but which doesn't also fill your washroom, leaving little or no room for the other furniture. Positioning your Shower Enclosure If possible, you would want to install your new enclosure where your old one used to stand. This will save you from doing a lot of preparatory work, inconvenience and a whole load of money as the hot, cold and waste pipes will already be in place making the job of installing your shower enclosure very much easier. Your New Enclosure - With or Without a Tray? If you are given this choice, then it would be very advisable to opt for the tray to be included, this way you'll know that it'll fit very snugly and match the whole design and concept of the shower enclosure and will limit the chances of any water leakage if one is added later. Tiling in your Shower Enclosure The interior of your shower enclosure will need tiling. Therefore you will need to plan ahead and choose the style of tiles you would like. Make sure you have tiled the shower enclosure a good while before the shower is installed. Testing Corrosion Testing - You have had your shower a good while now and have really enjoyed using it, but then you notice the chrome finishing has started to corrode and the finish is peeling off. To avoid this make sure you purchase your enclosure from a reputable dealer or manufacturer and insist on only purchasing your shower from a company that has carried out exhaustive anti-corrosive tests on all of their metal fittings and accessories. Door Rollers - This may not be high up on your list of priorities when you are deciding on the shower enclosure for your home, but the rollers in the shower door are extremely important, and if they stop working correctly will seriously diminish your shower enjoyment. Make sure these doors have been tested for their longevity and quality. Water Leakage - A shower enclosure lives and dies by its seals, a good seal with magnetic strips on the shower doors is incredibly important to keep the water where it should be, inside the shower enclosure. Door Handles & Fixing - Metallic door handles are much more high quality than their chrome plated plastic counterparts. These plastic accessories are inferior and give a cheaper feel and look to the shower enclosure. VAT & Delivery - You have chosen your desired shower enclosure and even negotiated a little discount, all well and good you think. Then you get your bill and you are in for a shock. You hadn't realised the price was with VAT and Delivery excluded. Make sure you are clear about hidden costs, they can make a big difference to the price of your shower enclosure.
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