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\'one of its kind gender neutral toilet opened in ghaziabad\' | ghaziabad news - times of india

by:KingKonree     2020-03-07
GHAZIABAD: a newly installed public toilet opposite the gate of the old ghazibus bus stop is a new step forward for the city.
Not only is the toilet different in appearance, the background color in red as well as the white and cream color, but also more Hi
Technology in facilities and design.
It was installed by Sugam Samaj Seva Sansthan, a non-profit organization.
The toilet is equipped with ventilation windows, and the entrance and the Wall fans in the main alley are also used for defecation.
The traditional design of \"Sulabh shauchalya\" has been modified and it has a separate elevated section with two urinals and a separate leak
Provide free hand sanitizers for male members of the society, so that they can wash their hands easily.
The toilet also has a variety of different lights and long stem bulbs hanging on the wall so that there is enough light after dark.
In addition, in the process of gradually narrowing the gender line, the toilet consists of a separate female room with its own private washbasin and soap strips, in order to meet the sanitary needs of women, the bar of soap will be replaced regularly.
\"In India, we have always had a concept of separate toilets for men and women, and sometimes the authorities even forget to provide such toilets for women.
So the terms like this are very surprising and wonderful.
Smita Yadav said: \"Although the concept of universal toilets and bathrooms for men and women is an ancient norm in the western part of the world, it is completely unheard of in India . \" Pedestrians who have used toilets.
The newly manufactured public toilets are placed under the flyover opposite the bus stop and GDA building, with no ceiling but covered with a green net.
In addition to a regular booth for bathing, separate counters are provided for bathing on both sides of the aisle.
\"We charge Rs 5 for defecation, RS 2 for urination and Rs 10 for bathing.
The toilet has a separate \"karamai karamchari\" and after a fixed day he cleans the toilet floor and stalls.
The walls of the toilet are also made of durable and waterproof plastic and will not get dirty easily, \"said guard Udai Shankar Singh.
Toilet service is available from four o\'clock A. M. to eleven o\'clock P. M.
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